QCY T10: Review!

QCY T10: Review!

The QCY T10 is a stylish earphone that promises to be a great alternative for those who want a good cost-benefit. We will see together if this all different earphone delivers quality too!

QCY T10: design, construction and battery

The first detail that stands out when we see the QCY T10 is its dark green color that is very different. In addition, it has a matte finish loading base, which increases longevity, avoiding scratches and marks on the surface.

The charging base has 3 LEDs on the front that inform us of the battery status. The charging of the base is via USB Type-C connection, being super fast.

The manufacturer guarantees that every ten minutes of charging, the earphone gains an hour of autonomy! Speaking of autonomy, the QCY T10 can play about 4 hours of continuous music. This number could be better, but it is within the average of compact earphones.

The earphone has a bold type design and is all designed for the ear canal, with a great fixation and isolation.

The QCY T10 model also has a very advanced water protection, the IPX5. This protection even guarantees a quick accidental rain shower.

QCY T10: how to pair with the smartphone?

The easiest pairing you’ll ever see!

To pair the earphones you don’t even have to remove them from the base. As soon as I opened the base, they were already visible in the bluetooth list and I just confirmed the connection.

The only bad detail is that on some smartphones the configuration app is written in Chinese characters, which can make it difficult to configure some functions.

QCY T10: functions

The QCY T10 has a touch sensitivity button for using the functions. With it we can answer / refuse calls and access the virtual assistant. In addition, we were able to increase and decrease the volume and play / rewind / pause / unpause songs.

QCY T10: audio test, microphone test and delay test

Different from others QCY earphones that tend to have mono sound, the QCY T10 has great stereo sound.

With a considerably high volume, the earphone delivers all the tones of different musical styles, with a great bass.

The manufacturer of the QCY T10 announces that there are 4 microphones in each earphone, which is a great differentiator!

In the test, the QCY T10 audio captured by the computer was found to have a reasonable volume, without muffling or noise. This is a great microphone for those who need to do video conferencing!

In the delay test, the QCY T10 showed no audio delay in games. Remembering that this test was done on a top of the line smartphone.

QCY T10: is it worth it?

If you are looking for an alternative to the hottest earphones on the market, the QCY T10 is a great option!

This earphone has a different color, with a very beautiful and resistant design. In addition to the good look, it delivers great sound, good autonomy and a far superior microphone.

Where to buy?

The QCY T10 is found in the online stores below: