Steps to buy from foreign stores

Buy in China or most of foreign online stores is much easier than it looks and also very safe, we just need to follow some basic rules to avoid future stress, choosing reliable shops, plus correct vendors (many of these stores have many sellers). Then, we can take advantage of the best deals of the product that we want to buy.

See below the steps and start to enjoy the offerings of online stores:

Step 1: How to Pay

Foreign online stores generally accept many forms of payment, but the minimum required by these stores in order to buy your products is to have a international credit card or a PayPal account.

About PayPal:
Well, PayPal is an online service that offers its customers a secure way to make payments over the Internet. It works like a real bank online, where you register, add your financial information (the shops they are not accessible) or simply deposit money through transfers and finally pay for their purchases. With about 123 million customers, is the most secure way to make payments on the internet today. This process is carried out in a safe and protected environment. PayPal offers worldwide coverage. There is also a protection system to customers where a payment is not authorized, the product is offered to irregular, you can open a “dispute” and within 45 days you will have the money returned. Create your account with our help by clicking here.

Step 2: Choosing a store


reputation system

Choose an online store usually happens for cost-effective. The higher the number of sellers, competition has more and less is the value of a specific product, which is very good for us. However, we must wisely choose the vendor (I refer to sites with various vendors as or ) to avoid stress. In this case, foreign sites generally have a reputation of sellers system. This is a ranking constructed from note as feedback from buyers. In the right illustration, you have the example of ranking , which measures the reputation of the seller giving medals and crowns. Then, the higher the score the seller, crowns or more medals it will be.

Now if you choose a specific shop with own brand or official representation of other brands and do not know this store, it is necessary that you make sure that the store is reliable. We created an article to help you with that, click here and see.

Step 3: Delivery types

If you will make a purchase from a virtual store will see several shipping methods offered by shops and vendors from China and other countries. Yes, but each of them has different values and delivery times. So, knowing how to choose as product value and will make its cheaper to buy or not. Click here to see some options. So, compare and choose wisely at the time of your purchase.

Step 4: Tracking orders

After we buy what we want, it’s time to expect delivery of the product. At this point, it is important that we have the order tracking number we have to know whether it was posted and sent, in fact, for us.

There are many ways to know where are our orders during the shipping process. The most popular is through smartphone apps and tablets that have the locator function of orders. Found for iOS, Android and Windows. In addition, we can use the websites of private freight companies. But on average, deliveries are made within a period of 7-25 days, varying according to the chosen company.


We already know the basic steps may buy in virtual shops from all over the world!

Know all the tips and offers

If you have never made ​​a purchase in China or other countries, start learning all the tips and seeing great deals by clicking here.

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