SoundPeats True Free 2: Review!

SoundPeats True Free 2: Review!

The SoundPeats True Free 2 is the brand’s first earphone tested here by the channel. Get ready to discover your positive and negative points with audio, microphone and delay test!

SoundPeats True Free 2: construction, design and battery

The SoundPeats True Free 2 already starts pleasing with a great design, with the charging base with a matte black finish, which generates less scratches and fingerprints on the surface.

Its charging base has 4 battery status notification LEDs, which is a very interesting detail.

The autonomy of the earphones is only 4hrs of music playback. To compensate, it has a USB Type-C connection that makes charging much faster.

As for the appearance of the earphones, they present a beautiful and differentiated design. Unlike the “beans” types, these earphones are a little bigger, having a great fixation and isolation.

The in-ear rubber is very small and does not hurt your ears. More focused on sports, it has a support rubber to be used if the earphone does not fit perfectly.

To use the functions, SoundPeats True Free 2 has manual buttons, not touch sensitivity. Therefore, they provide more precision to the user.

Another very positive point of SoundPeats True Free 2 is its great water resistance. It has IPX7 protection, which guarantees a smooth ride on cloudy days without fear of splashing the earphone.

SoundPeats True Free 2: functions

A earphone hat features all the functions!

With SoundPeats True Free 2 we can access the virtual assistant, skip / rewind / pause / unpause songs and answer and refuse calls. You can also increase and decrease the volume!

SoundPeats True Free 2: how to pair with the smartphone?

The SoundPeats True Free 2 has a very easy pairing process, it is only necessary to remove the earphones from the base and select from the bluetooth list.

Pairing is done on both phones simultaneously.

SoundPeats True Free 2: audio test, microphone test and delay

In the audio test, SoundPeats True Free 2 presents an excellent volume and sound. The stereo effect of the earphone is very good, giving you the ability to define all the tones, with emphasis on the bass.

If you listen to electronic music, you will love SoundPeats True Free 2!

Regarding delay, the earphones did not show any delay in the test via bluetooth, leaving me very satisfied with the result. Attention: the test was done with a top-of-the-line smartphone, if your smartphone is an entry phone, you may experience a slight delay.

Testing the microphone, the audio from SoundPeats True Free 2 has a good volume on the computer. The sound is very clear and, although slightly muffled, it does not present excessive noise. This earphone is well within the standards in this regard.

SoundPeats True Free 2: is it worth it?

Yea! This is definitely a worthwhile earphone.

The SoundPeats True Free 2 is a beautiful and compact earphone, that features great volume and sound quality. In addition, it has all the functions and can even be used in a video conference!

Where to buy?

SoundPeats True Free 2 is found in the online stores below:

– Banggood
– AliExpress