How to connect both sides of QCY Bluetooth earphones

How to connect both sides of QCY Bluetooth earphones

If you ended up here, it’s probably because you bought a QCY Bluetooth earphone and only one side is working, right?

Yeah, guys… this can be really annoying, but really, there shouldn’t be anything wrong with it.

Find out what’s going on and how to get both sides of the earphoneQCY to work:

Why does only one side of the QCY earphone work?

Many people come home super happy with their new QCY earphone, and after making the connection, they realize something devastating: the music is only coming out of one side. It also happens that one side suddenly stops working, which makes a lot of people angry!

But what the hell happened?
It’s simple, you must have paired it wrong!

Check it out: if you remove only one of the earphones from the charging base when connecting, the pairing will be done in mono mode. That is, only the withdrawn side will be paired, so only it will transmit.

And if this happened to you, do not despair, because there is still a solution!
Follow the step by step to connect your QCY earphone in stereo mode (two sides):

How to connect both sides of QCY Bluetooth earphone: Step 1

Remove the earphones from the charging base and select the ‘forget device’ option (for both) in the Bluetooth menu. This will make the smartphone disconnect the paired side in mono function, leaving both sides ready for re-pairing.

How to connect both sides of QCY Bluetooth earphone: Step 2

Put the earphones back on the base and wait for about 10 seconds. This step is very important, as it will make them turn off the Bluetooth connection and disconnect any pre-established settings.

How to connect both sides of QCY Bluetooth earphone: Step 3

Now, remove the earphones simultaneously (that’s where you went wrong before) and that’s it! Both sides will connect to each other and be ready for pairing in stereo mode.

The 3 best QCY Bluetooth earphones


Category champion: best value for money

If you’re looking for a cheap Bluetooth earphone that doesn’t fall short in any way, the QCY T13 is your best choice!

This QCY earphone has a very simple construction, but it achieves an excellent autonomy of 8 hours of continuous music playback.

And when it comes to sound quality, the QCY T13 leaves many much more expensive competitors behind, with a super high volume level, well defined tones and extremely powerful bass.

It also has 4 microphones that surprise by delivering clear enough audio for informal conversations, such as calls between friends and online matches.

Last but not least, the QCY T13 achieves the feat of delivering zero delay on any type of game or device, including entry-level smartphones.

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Category champion: best gaming earphone

If you want an earphone that takes you into the game, you need to know the powerful QCY G1!

This QCY is among the best gamer earphones ever tested here on the channel. It achieves an autonomy of 8 hours of continuous music playback and impressive 6 hours of use in game mode.

And unlike many in this category, the QCY G1 delivers an incredibly rich sound quality, with an excellent volume level, very well defined tones and bass so powerful that we can feel the beat of the music.

Of course, to be the champion of this category, this QCY Bluetooth earphone couldn’t show any lag, right? Even though, we didn’t expect such synchronized sound feedback when running Call of Duty on an entry-level smartphone. Besides, thanks to an enviable surround effect, we were able to pinpoint exactly where the enemy’s footsteps were coming from.

And to ensure you’re heard loud and clear by opponents, the QCY G1 features microphones with a great volume level and very little interference.

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Category Champion: Best Hybrid ANC earphone

Now, if you want a QCY erphone to immerse yourself in the world of music without being bothered by anything or anyone, the QCY HT01C is for you!

The QCY HT01C was developed for those who breathe music. Therefore, it carries an excellent autonomy of 30 hours (with the aid of the case), reaching an impressive 20 hours with the ANC on.

Speaking of which, we have two noise canceling modes: the effective ANC and the Transparent mode.

Effective ANC is designed to cancel out all the noise in an environment. So it’s perfect to be used at home while listening to our favorite band or marathon a series.
The Transparent mode serves to ensure the user’s safety while he is on the street, in addition to facilitating communication, as it amplifies external sounds without spoiling the sound quality.

As you can imagine, both modes work perfectly, with emphasis on the effective mode that guarantees simply incredible sound immersion.

And, of course, this eaphone QCY delivers impeccable sound quality, with a very high volume level, super powerful bass and a stereo effect that would make competitors jealous.

Finally, it has great microphones that can be used in any type of call, and it even has a gamer mode that guarantees zero delay on intermediate or more advanced smartphones.

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