The AirAux AA-UM15 Review!

The AirAux AA-UM15 Review!

Meet the impressive AirAux AA-UM15, a Bluetooth earphone that’s just perfect, but not for everyone!

Check out our pros and cons review to find out if the AirAux AA-UM15 is for you!

AirAux AA-UM15: design, construction and battery

There’s no other way to start this review other than praising the design of the AirAux AA-UM15’s charging base.

Seriously folks… we’ve never seen a charging base as compact as this one!
It is so flat that it can be carried in a pocket or armband without attracting the slightest attention.

Plus, it has an excellent matte finish, which ensures more durability for the product, and it also has charging via USB type C.

And despite not seeming to be able to store anything inside, this base features two elongated earphones that have a beautiful matte finish and an elegant glitter detail on the headband.

But, unfortunately, this head does not have a direction for the ear canal, which usually generates a loss of bass.

To compensate, the AirAux AA-UM15 features powerful IPX5 protection against sweat, dust and water jets. So if you’re listening to music on the street and it starts to rain, don’t panic!

AirAux AA-UM15: how to pair with smartphone?

To pair the AirAux AA-UM15, simply remove the two earphones from the base and they connect to each other and are already available in the Bluetooth list. And then, just confirm the connection!

AirAux AA-UM15: fixing

And it’s time to find out whether or not the AirAux AA-UM15 falls out of the ears during exercise. After all, it has a design that does not usually generate a good fixation.

But believe it or not, this earphone without rubbers left many competitors behind!

During our fit test, it remained fixed even during the most sudden movements, and yet it turned out to be the lightest earphone ever seen here on the channel.

Honestly, the AirAux AA-UM15 is so light it looks like a toy, so it’s even a little hard to believe it has any quality. Will it be?

AirAux AA-UM15: functions

Functions by default

– 1 tap: pause/unpause
– 3 taps left: virtual assistant
– 3 taps right: gamer mode
– 2 taps left: skip music
– 2 taps right: back music

Functions during call

– 1 tap: answer/end
– press 2 seconds: ignore

AirAux AA-UM15: Audio Test, Microphone Test and Delay Test

Remember we said that the AirAux AA-UM15 is not for everyone?
Well, this is due to the fact that its construction does not offer sound insulation.

That is, because it doesn’t have rubbers or is directed to the ear canal, it can’t reach that sound depth that many people don’t give up.

But other than that, it has an excellent volume level, very well defined tones, super powerful bass and a great stereo effect.

So, if you are one of those people who like to hear their surroundings, or cannot isolate themselves from the world, the AirAux AA-UM15 is indeed an excellent choice!

And to put this Bluetooth 5.1 to the test, we ran Call of Duty on an entry-level smartphone with super simple hardware.

The result of this? Zero delay!

Yes, guys, not even we believe in this result, because this is not a gamer earphone.

But after lots and lots of shooting sequences, we could prove that the AirAux AA-UM15 is super synced in any game and on any smartphone.

And to close with a flourish, we did our long-awaited microphone test.
And despite having some hiss, the four mics on this AirAux did a great job!

It delivers clean audio, with an excellent volume level and very little muffling that can be used for calls, online matches and even at the Home Office.

AirAux AA-UM15: is it worth it?

If you don’t mind hearing some sounds around you, it’s perfect for you!

In addition to bringing the thinnest base ever seen by these eyes, the AirAux AA-UM15 has the lightest earphones ever tested here on the channel.

And while it doesn’t offer a very immersive experience, it has excellent sound quality, powerful bass and a great volume level that doesn’t blow the tones when it’s maxed out.

Speaking of which, the microphones deliver very loud audio with virtually no interference.

And to put an end to the competition, it achieved the feat of delivering zero delay on an entry-level smartphone!

Where to buy?

The AirAux AA-UM15 is found in the webshop below:


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