The Black Shark Lucifer T4 Review!

The Black Shark Lucifer T4 Review!

Black Shark’s newest gaming earphone has barely arrived here at the studio and has already become the center of attention!

With a stylish design and a somewhat curious name, the Black Shark Lucifer T4 promises to be the best gaming earphone of the year. Really?

Find out now in our full review:

Black Shark Lucifer T4: design, construction and battery

Every self-respecting gamer earphone has to have a very different charging base, and not to be left out of this, the Lucifer T4 brought a design that seems to have been inspired by a spaceship.

It is a large and very beautiful base that has an excellent matte finish to avoid scratches and fingerprints, in addition to having a metallic effect to finish the look.

Plus, it has two LEDs on the front that warn about the battery level, and it even has a USB Type-C port for faster and more efficient charging.

The Black Shark Lucifer T4’s earphones have a bean-like design that is, shall we say, a little chubby. But thanks to that, it achieves an autonomy of no less than 24h!

They are super stylish earphones that mix the matte finish with the shine, in addition to bringing a differentiated Black Shark logo.

They also feature a construction directed towards the ear canal, which usually generates a gain of bass, and they still have the protection IPX5 against dust, sweat and directed jets of water.

So if you’re listening to music on the street and the world starts to come crashing down, don’t panic!

Black Shark Lucifer T4: how to pair with smartphone?

To pair the Black Shark Lucifer T4 just take the two earphones off the base and they connect to each other and are visible in the Bluetooth list. Then just confirm the connection.

Oh, and this earphone has automatic simultaneous connection! So even if you keep one side in the base, the other will still work.

Black Shark Lucifer T4: Functions

Default Functions:

– 2 taps: pause/unpause
– 3 taps left: virtual assistant
– 3 taps right: gamer mode
– press 2s right: skip music
– press 2s left: back music

Functions during call:

– 2 taps: answer/end
– press 2 seconds: ignore

Black Shark Lucifer T4: Fixation

Despite having a very large body, Black Shark ensures that Lucifer T4 has a great fixation. And so we did an aerobic exercise simulation to see if this is true.

The test result? Unbelievably, yes!

Even during the most sudden movements, the Lucifer T4 remained very well molded and still proved to be an extremely comfortable earphone, as it does not put pressure on the ears.

But of course all this will depend on a good choice of rubber, right guys?

Black Shark Lucifer T4: Audio Test, Mic Test and Delay Test

And it’s time to find out if Lucifer T4 really delivers on its promises!

And despite not being the focus of this earphone, it does have an excellent sound quality with very well defined tones and super powerful bass.

But, like most gaming earphones, it doesn’t have an extremely high volume level, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it prevents hearing damage and also doesn’t distort the tones when the volume is all the way up.

In addition, it creates an excellent stereo effect where we can distinguish all musical instruments, which not just any gaming earphone can do, oddly enough.

So let’s get down to business: The delay test!

To put the gamer mode and Bluetooth 5.2 of the Black Shark Lucifer T4 to the test, we ran Call of Duty on an entry-level smartphone.

And amazingly, we didn’t experience no lag even during the shooting sequences!

That is, regardless of your smartphone or the type of game you enjoy, the Black Shark Lucifer T4 is a good partner.

But, what about the conversation?

To find out whether or not to chat using the Black Shark Lucifer T4, we did our long-awaited microphone test.

And it was here, ladies and gentlemen, that this earphone just buried most of its competitors, delivering audio with an excellent volume level and very little interference.

Black Shark Lucifer T4: is it worth it?

Think of a gamer earphone that’s worth it!

The Black Shark Lucifer T4 brings a design full of style and quality that will please even the most demanding.

It still achieves an enviable autonomy and delivers a sound quality rarely seen in a gaming earphone.

And since not every gamer is the same, the Black Shark Lucifer T4 also guarantees zero delay in any type of game and any smartphone, even the simplest hardware.

Finally, to end the competition once and for all, it has great microphones that will make you stand out during the match.

Where to buy?

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