About us

Welcome! My name is William!

I am passionate about technology and shopping and I feel the need to read, learn and share what can make people’s lives better.

I’m a committed consumer, I buy everything! But I refuse to pay more for it and look for ways to always get more for less.

From that old practice – the art of bargaining – in 2011 I discovered Chinese stores like AliExpress and I realized that a lower price doesn’t necessarily mean inferior quality. So, I created DealsFromChina.

In fact, the ‘DFC’ was born out of my enthusiasm for Chinese online stores and everything they have to offer.

My goal here is to give tips. Tips for best deals on AliExpress, Amazon, Banggood and others shops. And how to buy online with security and peace of mind.

Enjoy and thanks for visiting!

Notice: As an Amazon Associates Program member, I am compensated for qualifying purchases made.

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