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This site is an informative guide about products and online purchases made in foreign sites like AliExpress and eBay. A site that brings all the tech news, fashion, beauty and varied products.

Learn with us where and how to get the best offer you wish to buy. We have all the tips for buying online with convenience, security and tranquility.

We always try to be on top of all the latest in products and services so that you always make the best choice at the time of purchase.

About the author:
William Pompeo is a web designer who loves news and hates routine – like a good Sagittarian.

Passionate about technology and all that it can offer, feels the need to read, learn and go over what can and should make people’s lives more convenient.

A consumerist assumed that always try to follow the technological and fashion trends. But refuses to pay more for it and, therefore, look for ways to get more for less.

This old practice – the art of haggling – discovered foreign sites and spent to buy all that interested. And finding that lowest price does not necessarily mean lower quality, conceived and created the site: Cheap Shop.



About the webdesigner:
Filipe Schüler is a great friend and great brazilian web designer who is not satisfied with “good.”

He developed the concept and created all site projects (other language versions) with full dedication and perfectionism.

Seeks to improve and make the site structure increasingly functional and friendly to users.

Do you want to send us a question, suggestion or criticism?

Just send an email to: [email protected]

We will endeavor to answer them.

Thank you!

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