Top 5 products to buy on Amazon

Top 5 products to buy on Amazon

Amazon is famous around the world for offering super differentiated products that make our lives much easier. In it, you can buy electronics, appliances, automotive accessories and home and garden products for a much cheaper price, and you can even split your purchases and receive with FREE SHIPPING!

Check out the top 5 products on Amazon now:

Beauty Category: L’Oréal Paris Facial Sunscreen

We open our list with an essential product for men and women who value the health and beauty of their skin.

L’Oréal Paris facial sunscreen protects the skin as a whole, because in addition to blocking the UVA and UVB rays that detonate our face, it contains hyaluronic acid to prevent the dreaded wrinkles.

And as if all that wasn’t enough, it has an Oil Free formula that guarantees a matte effect throughout the day, and also has components that even out our skin tone.

Buyers’ Opinion

Facial sunscreen very easy to spread. It prevents tans while leaving the skin looking dry and velvety. After a few days, the skin becomes radiant, so it deserves the 4.8 rating.

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Home Category: Mop Spray Flash Limp MOP7800

No more spending work when cleaning the house! Meet the Mop Spray Flash Limp!

Mop Spray Flash Limp is a super versatile product that sprays, cleans and dries cold, synthetic or wooden floors.

It has a 400ml dispenser to store and spray cleaning products, and it also has a refill made of microfiber that can be washed in the machine.

Also, its articulated design is designed to reach even the most difficult corners, passing under the sofa or bed without any problem.

Buyers’ Opinion

Very practical mop to use! It stores a lot of product, has a powerful spray, reaches every corner of the house and is very easy to wash. For making it easier to clean the house, it received the great grade 4.7.

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Garden Category: Tramontina Electric Lawn Trimmer

A beautiful garden is a trimmed garden. And nobody makes lawn mowers like Tramontina!

The Tramontina grass trimmer is the best choice for finishing, contouring and edging your garden, as it was specially designed to trim places that conventional mowers cannot reach.

With a modern and functional design, it has a cutting diameter of 280 mm that leaves the grass even and closer than competitors.

It also has a 1.8 mm thick and 8 m long nylon cord that has automatic supply, and also has a cable clamp that prevents the cord from disconnecting from the plug.

Buyers’ Opinion

Versatile, easy to use and affordable. The Tramontina grass trimmer is relatively light, powerful and has a robust and resistant construction that deserves the high score 4.8.

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Car Accessories Category: Multilaser MP5 Groove Car Sound

Entertain your whole family with an MP5 player capable of playing music and videos!

Equipped with high power and a 4-inch LCD screen, Multilaser Groove allows you to watch videos through SD or USB cards in MP4 and MP5 formats.

And through Bluetooth, you can make and receive calls and play MP3 music from apps like Amazon Music and Spotify. Plus, Multilaser Groove features LOUD, a mode that enhances audio and allows bass and treble equalization.

Finally, you can even follow all the movements of your reverse camera directly on the screen!

Buyers’ Opinion

Multilaser Groove has a loud and well defined sound, makes good calls and shows the clock even when turned off. For being a cheap, powerful and functional sound, it got the big note 4.7.

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Electronics Category: Echo Dot 4th Generation

And we close our list with the best selling product on Amazon: the Echo Dot 4th Generation!

With a much bolder design than its predecessor, the Echo Dot 4th Generation conquers by the eyes.

This Amazon smart device is capable of playing your favorite songs, answering questions, giving the weather forecast, telling the news of the day and much more.

The Echo Dot 4th Generation still displays the time, records reminders and serves as a timer and alarm clock, being a hand on the wheel for the day to day rush.

Buyers’ Opinion

You won’t regret buying the Echo Dot 4th Generation! This smart device, in addition to being super practical, has a very modern design that makes any environment more beautiful. It also has excellent volume and improved speakers, so it received the excellent 4.9 rating.

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