The Pamu Slide 2 Review!

The Pamu Slide 2 Review!

The newest version of Padmate’s biggest release has just arrived here in the studio, and you won’t believe what Pamu Slide 2 can do!

This little giant is here to outshine the competition with an incredible design, hybrid ANC, wireless charging, powerful Bluetooth 5.2, and sound quality that… Well, read our review to find out!

Pamu Slide 2: design, construction and battery

We open our review by talking about the most stylish charging base ever seen here.

Believe it or not, the base of the Pamu Slide 2 was inspired by an old camera!

And in addition to the shape of this relic, it also has a detail that imitates a vinyl record and has a texture that, if you are over 30 years old, will activate your affective memory.

Plus, it has an excellent matte finish that prevents scratches and fingerprints, and can still be charged via USB Type-C or through super efficient wireless charging.

And to top off this design, the charging base has a sliding effect!

The Pamu Slide 2 earphones have an ergonomic design, a distinctive green color and a beautiful matte finish throughout the construction.

By the way, this construction is more aimed at the ear canal, which usually generates good bass gain.

They are very beautiful and relatively compact earphones, but even so, they reach an excellent autonomy of 6.5h. Oh, and the base is capable of storing another 20 hours of charge!

Finally, the Pamu Slide 2 comes with IPX4 protection against dust, sweat and water splashes.

Pamu Slide 2: how to pair with smartphone?

To pair, simply remove the two earphones from the base and they connect to each other and are already visible in the Bluetooth list. Then just confirm the connection.

And here comes another surprise from Pamu Slide 2: it has dual connection technology!
That means you can use it on two devices simultaneously.

So if you want to connect Pamu Slide 2 to your smartphone and computer at the same time, no problem. So you can answer calls while playing on the pc!

Pamu Slide 2: Functions

The Pamu Slide 2 brings all the functions we are looking for in a Bluetooth earphone, and it also has the very complete Padmate application.

Through it, you can change the functions of your earphone and you can choose between different musical signatures, including Pop, Jazz, Rock and many others.

But check it out, Padmate’s official signature has a quality true to the song when it was recorded, so check it out before fiddling with the equalizer, okay?

Default Functions

– 1 tap: pause/unpause
– press 2s left: virtual assistant
– press 2s right: ANC modes
– 2 taps left: back music
– 2 taps right: skip music
– slide up: + volume
– slide down: – volume

Functions during call

– 1 tap: answer/end
– 2 taps: ignore

Pamu Slide 2: Fixation Test

Remember we talked about the ergonomic design of the Pamu Slide 2?

Well, in addition to this construction helping with sound quality, it also helps the earphones fit, in addition to offering more comfort for prolonged use.

And proof of this was the result of our fixation test, where the Pamu Slide 2 remained super well molded to the ears even during the most sudden movements.

Pamu Slide 2: ANC modes

Pamu Slide 2 comes with three noise canceling modes: ANC ON, Transparent and a special wind noise reduction mode.

ANC ON was created to guarantee a great sound immersion by canceling all the noises in an environment. So it’s perfect to use at home and enjoy your favorite band or marathon a series.

And yes, Pamu Slide 2’s effective cancel mode works perfectly! It is able to offer a super immersive experience for those who like to “dive” in music.

The Transparent mode serves to ensure the safety of those who like to listen to music while on the street, as it amplifies external sounds.

So this mode is perfect for chatting while listening to music at the gym, for example. In addition, it allows you to hear the sounds of traffic, which is indispensable for drivers and cyclists.

And we were impressed with the ability of the Transparent mode to amplify sounds and voices without spoiling the sound quality.

Finally, we turned on the studio fan to test the wind noise reduction mode, and it really was able to reduce the noise considerably!

Pamu Slide 2: Audio Test, Delay Test and Microphone Test

And it’s time to find out if the Pamu Slide 2 is really a perfect Bluetooth earphone, so we activated the ANC mode and tested various musical styles.

And the result of that test was a simply incredible sound experience!

The Pamu Slide 2 has an excellent volume level, very well defined tones and an impeccable stereo effect.

Here, the bass is more prominent, which is great, and it’s still extremely powerful. Also, none of the tones are blown out at full volume, which is hard to see.

But what about gamers? Is it possible to play with Pamu Slide 2?

To find out, we put Call of Duty to run on a smartphone with super simple hardware, and we couldn’t believe the result.

Yes, Pamu Slide 2 managed to deliver zero delay even on an entry-level smartphone!

So, if you have a smartphone that’s a little more advanced than that, you can be sure that you won’t have any lag in any kind of game.

Finally, we tested the Pamu Slide 2’s 6 microphones to find out if it can be used in any situation, and we were also pleasantly surprised.

Despite having some interference, it delivers very clean audio and an excellent volume level, so it can be used in online matches and even at the Home Office.

Pamu Slide 2: is it worth it?

It’s really worth it!

The Pamu Slide 2 brings an enviable design that, in addition to being stylish, is still very comfortable.

It also has two super fast charging options, in addition to having excellent autonomy both in the base and in the earphones.

And to ensure a perfect music experience, it features two very efficient ANC modes and a sound quality that will please all audiences.

Speaking of which, gamers can also bet on this earphone, as the Pamu Slide 2 does not present any kind of audible delay, regardless of the game or your smartphone.

Oh, and it even brings good microphones for conversation during the match!

Where to buy?

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