QCY T20: powerful bass, volume and Bluetooth 5.3!

QCY T20: powerful bass, volume and Bluetooth 5.3!

The long-awaited QCY T20, also known as the QCY AilyPods, has just arrived here at the studio. And QCY promises that it will deliver extremely powerful sound, an enhanced microphone and a zero delay gaming experience on any smartphone.

But is this no rubbers earphone capable of all that?
Find out now in our full review!

QCY T20: design, construction and battery

So let’s talk about the construction of this earphone that has already stood out by bringing two names.

But to avoid confusion, let’s leave QCY AilyPods aside and use the official name, okay?

Well, the QCY T20 comes with a super compact loader base, which makes it much easier to transport, and has an excellent matte finish to ensure greater durability for the product.

Also, the base features a USB Type-C port for faster and more efficient charging.

And just like the base, the QCY T20 earphones are quite compact, but they have a relatively elongated body that guarantees a great autonomy of 5.5 hours at 50% volume.

They also have a construction aimed at the ear canal, so maybe we’ll get some bass gain, and they come with IPX4 protection against dust, sweat and water splashes.

QCY T20: how to pair with smartphone?

To pair the QCY T20, just open the charging base and the earphones connect to each other and are soon visible in the Bluetooth list. And then just confirm the connection.

Oh, and since it has auto-connect, even if you keep one side in the base, the other will still work!

QCY T20: Functions

The QCY T20 brings all the functions we look for in a Bluetooth earphone, even those that don’t come by default, as it supports the very complete QCY application.

In it, you can choose from several digital signatures to make the earphone more to your musical taste, in addition to being able to customize the equalizer and the functions. So, for example, you can put the volume up and down function on single tap as it doesn’t come by default.

And another very interesting feature that we have in the QCY app is the Sleep Mode, a function that disables the tactical sensitivity. This function is very useful in situations where we can accidentally touch the earphones and end up ruining the playlist, such as when we are exercising.

Default Functions:

– 2 taps: pause/unpause
– 3 taps left: virtual assistant
– 3 taps right: gamer mode
– press 2s right: skip music
– press 2s left: back music

Functions during call:

– 2 taps: answer/end
– press 1.5 seconds: ignore

QCY T20: Audio Test, Mic Test and Delay Test

In the first test, the QCY T20 presented us with a pleasant surprise: a sound quality worthy of earphones with rubbers!

And why do we say this? Because, normally, earphones without rubbers tend to deliver more treble, which ends up making the sound shrill when we put it on maximum volume.

But luckily, that doesn’t happen on the QCY T20!

Here we have a rich sound quality, a full-bodied sound and very well defined tones. And oddly enough, the bass is the most prominent tones, and they are extremely powerful.

But beware: all this power, combined with a very high volume level, can end up hurting your ears. So it’s better not to use it at maximum volume, ok?

And the most awaited time for our team has arrived: testing the first Bluetooth 5.3 of the channel!

And to do that, we put Call of Duty to run on an entry-level smartphone. The result? An Amazing sound feedback!

Even running a very heavy game on a smartphone with simple hardware, the sound feedback was extremely synchronized, including during the shooting sequences.

This means that this earphone is even capable of delivering zero delay on any smartphone.

And to close with a flourish, we put the 4 microphones of the QCY T20 to the test.

And once again, this earphone surprised us with an audio with an excellent volume level and very little interference, proving to be a great choice for calls and online matches.

QCY T20: is it worth it?

Of course!

QCY has invested more and more in the sound quality of its earphones, and this time was no different.

The QCY T20 delivers an enviable quality and even has an app that allows the user to choose the subscription that best suits their musical style.

In addition, this earphone is perfect for the gamer audience, as it delivers zero delay at any smartphone level and still brings a good microphone for conversation during matches.

Where to buy?

The QCY T20 is found in the online stores below:

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