The QCY HT01C Review!

The QCY HT01C Review!

Get ready to meet the new QCY earphone that promises to be the best model ever released by the brand, the powerful QCY HT01C!

The newest bet QCY promises to shake the competition with a super powerful sound, two impeccable ANC modes and zero delay.

Is it really that such a small earphone is capable of all this? Find out in our full review:

QCY HT01C: design, construction and battery

The QCY HT01C features a very slim charging base that is designed for easy transport in pockets and armbands.

And in addition to having a very different design, this base has an excellent matte finish and a USB Type-C port for faster and more efficient charging.

The QCY HT01C’s earphones also have a finish that ensures fewer marks and scratches, and they still have a design aimed at the ear canal, which usually generates good bass gain.

Plus, they feature a compact construction, in the famous bean format, which guarantees an autonomy of 5 hours of consecutive playback with volume at 50%.

Finally, the QCY HT01C still has excellent IPX5 protection against dust, sweat and directed jets of water.

QCY HT01C: functions

All QCY HT01C settings are done through a super complete QCY app.
With it, you can pair it, choose between several digital signatures, and even change all the earphone’s functions.

That is, QCY allows you to configure your earphones to suit your musical tastes, as well as letting you choose how to use your favorite functions.

For example, you can configure to increase and decrease the volume with just one touch, instead of the Play/Pause function that comes standard.

And the QCY HT01C even has a smart sensor that pauses the music as soon as the earphones are taken out of the ears, and pauses when quickly replaced.

QCY HT01C: how to pair with smartphone?

To pair the QCY HT01C just open the charging base and the earphones connect to each other and are already available in the app. And then just confirm the connection in More Settings.

QCY HT01C: ANC Modes

The QCY HT01C has two noise canceling modes: ANC and Transparent.

The ANC mode was created to ensure great sound immersion by canceling out all the noise in an environment. This is the perfect mode to use at home while listening to our favorite music or marathoning that famous series.

And after testing, I can guarantee that this was one of the best ANCs ever seen here on the channel.
The QCY HT01C cancels out virtually all noise from our surroundings, ensuring an impeccable sound experience for those in a safe environment.

And why do we say this? Because this total cancellation is not very safe for those who are listening to music on the street, as it does not allow us to hear the sound of traffic or the voice of other people.

The Transparent mode ensures user safety and also facilitates communication, as it amplifies external sounds without spoiling the sound quality.

So, this is the ideal mode for those who like to chat while listening to music at the gym, for example, as well as being perfect for those who ride a bike on the street.

And, once again, we were impressed with this mode, as it significantly amplifies people’s voices and still conveys the most important sounds.

QCY HT01C: Audio Test, Delay Test and Microphone Test

And it’s time to find out if this is really the best earphone from QCY!

In our audio test, the QCY HT01C delivered impeccable sound quality, with a great volume level, well-defined tones and super powerful bass. In addition, it creates an excellent stereo effect where none of the tones are blown out, even when at full volume.

And to put the QCY HT01C’s Bluetooth 5.1 to the test, we took an entry-level smartphone and ran an FPS game. The result of this test was a very subtle delay of approximately 0.2 seconds that was only noticed during the shooting sequences.

This may not seem like a good result, but it actually was, as we used a smartphone with very simple hardware. This means that if you have an intermediate or more advanced smartphone, you shouldn’t have any delay.

Finally, we did a microphone test to find out if the QCY HT01C is a good choice for phone calls, home office or online play.

And the result of this test was an audio with a good volume level and very little interference, despite being a little muffled. That is, this is a good microphone for online calls and matches, but it may not be the best choice if your job is very formal.

QCY HT01C: is it worth it?

Yes, and a lot!

The QCY HT01C is a compact and very well built earphone that carries two impeccable ANC modes and still delivers an enviable sound quality, in addition to a good autonomy.

And while it wasn’t perfect in the delay test, it delivered a good result on an entry-level smartphone, which means it will have zero delay on higher-end smartphones.

Finally, the newest bet from QCY brings a microphone that guarantees a great conversation for those who make informal calls.

Where to buy?

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