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Currently, smartphones are virtually indispensible in our routine. The smartphone of the time just to call or send SMS over. Today, you have all the information you need at your fingertips, through your smartphone or tablet. If you will be traveling, for example, and want to know the weather forecast or have an idea of tourism or evening events or simply meet your destination city map, you simply use certain application on your device that provides such information. Also, you can meet and interact with people using these resources.

So having a powerful and equipped smartphone of all these features has become a necessity of the first line and not just an optional technological resource. But who purchased smartphones online know that you can not only take into account the prices of these products (usually very attractive in China, for example), but many other information. Otherwise, your smartphone can disappoint, because the wrong choice will result in slowed performance, poor execution of applications and most basic functions.

So before buying any smartphone or tablet on the internet, know the following information:

Most importantly, processor and memory. A smartphone or tablet remains a computer. So how much faster is the processor and the memory, much better the performance of all device features.

It’s best to choose a processor of at least four processing cores, the minimum speed of 1.4 Ghz. Current processors include the following: Dual Core, Quad Core and Octa Core. So the more cores, the faster your performance. For smartphones with Android is recommended at least 4 core processors (Quad Core).

The memory is divided into two types: FLASH and RAM. FLASH is used for internal storage space that the smartphone provides for recording data (music, photos, videos, etc.). This should be a minimum of 8 GB, if you have expansion for Micro SD card. Otherwise, ideally at least 16 GB. The operating systems of the current devices (Android, iOS and Windows Phone) often use much of this space. RAM is in fact the most important. She will give speed to the device in use multitasking (multiple simultaneous applications), how to open the Facebook while listening to a song and synchronizes your emails. So it should be at least 1 GB for iOS and Windows Phone and at least 2 GB for Android.

Another very important information that can make the device useless if it is not correct is the frequency of the band (example: 850/900/1800/2100MHz). But the type of wi-fi should be the default: 802.11/b/g/n. Ideally, the smartphone also has compatibility with the 4G network.

And for those who like to take pictures and make videos, it is essential that the chosen smartphone has a rear camera of at least 8 MP (megapixels) with LED FLASH, and HD quality video recording at least 720p. The front camera should be at least 2 MP (5 MP for those who enjoy selfies).

It is also important to tell other features like: Screen with resolution higher than 1280×720 pixels and preferably with protection against scratches and dirt (Gorilla Glass). The PPI density must also be proportional to resolution. The screen size appropriate to your profile is also important. From 4.5″-5.5″ if you like to have more interaction or 4″-4.5″ if you, like me, have difficulty dealing with larger screens with just one hand. Also remember to choose a smartphone that best meets your needs. Tablets are sold in multiple sizes (7″, 8″, 8.3″, 10″, 10.1″) and will depend on your needs. However, the choice of the greatest, give preference to devices that do not pass the 500g not to compromise your convenience.

And remember to always choose a device that supports your language, and has a battery that does not make you run home to recharge it several times a day. The best choice is a 2000mAh power (Windows Phone , iOS) and 2500mAh + (Android). For tablets, it is recommended around 6500mAh. Finally, if we consider these characteristics when we buy our devices, we will certainly acquire a device that is more cost-effective.

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