Cheap alliances and weeding rings from China

Cheap alliances and weeding rings from China

Historically, the rings are used as a symbol of power, honor and prestige. Refer to beliefs and superstitions that although seen differently today, remain important in people’s lives.

The modern rings symbolize links, stages of life or simply a realization. For these symbols, names were assigned: class ring, commitment ring, engagement ring and wedding ring.

The class ring is representative symbol of a transition, victory over one stage consecration and realization of a dream. So, people perpetuate the tradition and use these rings to attract good energy and enter the job market successfully. It is made of metal and gold.

There are alliances to different situations of the relationship. One is the commitment ring, rings that represent a more serious commitment between lovers. Traditionally are made of silver, but today most modern materials are used in the construction of this type of alliance as steel, tungsten and titanium.

After a while, people start planning their lives together, so contracting an engagement commitment that is externalized to the relatives and friends with engagement ring. These jewels are usually found in yellow gold and white gold.

When the couple finally decide to establish the link and commitments previously acquired, really starting a new life together, engagement rings are replaced with wedding rings. This alliance is made of gold and may contain details on different types of gems in your design.

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