How to know if a webstore is safe?

How to know if a webstore is safe?

This is an article dedicated to one of the biggest and most important questions about who wants to buy an unknown website – how do you know if a website is reliable ?

It’s very easy to find ads for recently searched products on sites like AliExpress, Banggood and etc on our social media. This is because advertising sites capture our searches on the web and then identify our best interests.

So, when you are on a website with Google advertising, the product you are interested in will certainly appear through an advertising banner. At that point, your product may appear on a website that you have never heard of, but that draws your attention for advantages such as: values ​​and payment terms. So the big question comes – is this site reliable?

For this reason, we have put together in this article basic tips for you to identify the credibility of the sites and have the confidence and tranquility necessary to buy your products. Check out:

Search for buyer comments and feedback

Always search the internet and find out if the online store is known and, more than that, look for feedback from these people (high rate of positive feedback).

But don’t forget that many people usually give wrong feedback, because they didn’t pay attention to the details of the purchase, such as time and type of delivery. There are people who talk about websites for no reason, even without waiting for the order delivery time, and when they receive the order, their opinion has already caused the damage.

Partnership with PayPal

The greatest fear of the people is certainly to inform their financial information as an international credit card on an unknown website. This is an unreasonable fear and is why many people give up buying. So, when we don’t know a website, we need to know if there is a partnership with PayPal.

PayPal is an online bank that offers its customers a secure way to make payments over the Internet. You record your financial information and then make purchases. PayPal has credibility worldwide, because it has a policy of never sharing financial information with online store sites. Today, PayPal is the safest way to make payments online and has around 123 million customers worldwide.

Reputation of sellers

Sites with multiple vendors, like AliExpress, have thousands of advertisers from different locations, in which case you need a little more attention to avoid problems. On these sites, products are sold by different people and stores, who will sell their products through the market place platform.

Then, the sites developed a reputation policy for their sellers, where they receive a score based on the rate of positive and negative feedback they receive from customers who purchased the products. This reputation is also represented by ‘medals’, ‘stars’, ‘seals’ … Each site has a system and a distinct representation of that system.

However, this system is based on the same principle. So, always try to buy from sellers and advertisers with high marks and certainly the products purchased will have a higher quality and will not cause inconvenience.

Data protection seal or security certificate

Sites that request personal data when registering for a new account are often scary. This is normal, especially on Chinese shopping sites. They justify that the information is necessary to release and send the products to the destination.

However, there is no need to worry. Typically, trusted stores have a personal data protection seal such as ‘Verisign’ (Norton personal data protection system), for example. So, whenever there is such a request, locate this seal and always check the website’s registration with the protection service by clicking on the seal itself, because some untrusted sites place false images of that seal.

Purchase of small value

If you still have questions or are afraid to buy from an unknown website, even with data protection service, positive feedback and partnership with PayPal, it is better to look for the product in another international store. But if you don’t find it, make a small purchase to feel more secure and, after receiving the product, you can make new purchases with greater confidence and peace of mind. That said, check out the most trusted chinese online stores to buy your stuff: