Five things you need to know before buying a chinese smartphone

Five things you need to know before buying a chinese smartphone

You may have heard of some of these brands: Xiaomi, Huawei, Vivo and Oppo are some of the brands that is investing heavily and has brought increasingly powerful smartphones, growing really fast i this market previously dominated only by quarrelsome Apple and Samsung .

With the success, many of these brands has been expanding its markets to the West, but with input models or intermediate that is conquering the public and arousing greater interest in their top of the line models that unfortunately need to be imported from outside, on sites like AliExpress.

However import these devices is not an easy task and so we decided to quote this article the five things you need to know before buying a Chinese smartphone. Check it:

Find a brand

First of all it is very important that pesquisemos about the brand that interests us. It may seem obvious, but this step is essential to know whether the desired model has hardware problems, software or simply does not fulfill all that promise.

Choose a store, seller

Before choose the brand and model, it is very important to choose a store or a trusted seller. This is perhaps the most important step of this transaction, since a wrong choice can result in weeks and perhaps months of disappointment and frustration. Some trust choices are:

Support 4G and maybe 5G

Choosing a smartphone already demand attention. But in the case of China it is necessary to pay attention even more, as the LTE bands need to be compatible with our country. For example, many Chinese phones come without the support band 20, which is used in much of Europe. In these countries, users are unable to get 4G using these smartphones.

Firmware Upgrade/Software

The next thing we need to pay attention is the company that manufactures the desired device offers multi-language support for the device’s firmware, since not all Chinese smartphone comes with our language installed. It is also essential that the manufacturer maintains a regular program updates. For example, Xiaomi, a company that brings a variation of Android, the MIUI interface, regular updates its software, bringing new versions of Android to customers. However, not all companies have this update policy Xiaomi, and what you see are outdated equipment and hostages of new malware. So, have a more detailed look at this issue and avoid making the first and biggest mistake of this type of acquisition.

Import Taxes

An important point in buying any outside smartphone is to be aware of the great chance rates on their total value. When the product comes from China, as well as delivery take about two months, we also have a possible extra expense import taxes that vary by country.