Best Galaxy S20, S20 Plus e S20 Ultra cases to buy on market

Samsung rocked the design of the and introduced the world to one of the most beautiful smartphones released so far. However, the is also made of slippery metal and glass and therefore, it necessarily needs a protective cover to stay protected from accidental drops and ensure longevity. That said, here is the list of best protective covers for the , S20 Plus and S20 Ultra available on the market:

Spygen Ultra Hibrid

Let’s start with the basics, a transparent protective cover from Spygen, the Ultra Hybrid. The cool thing about this cover is that it guarantees the protection of the , wrapping it in a rigid polycarbonate construction with TPU cushioning, in addition to protecting the rear camera module. And all this without sacrificing the design and beauty of the .

Speck Presidio Grip

The next protective cover is one of my favorites, the Speck Presídio Grip. It is a cover that guarantees the protection of the through a polycarbonate coating and a construction that absorbs the impact. Along the body of the cover, we find rubbers that assist in grip and prevent the smartphone from slipping out of our hand.

UAG Plasma

The plasma UAG is a protective cover that wraps the in a hard, impact-resistant rubber armor. The corners are reinforced and guarantee protection, even against falls from great heights. That is, it is a cover that offers great protection, but keeps the smartphone’s slim body, still allowing wireless charging.

Ringke Fusion X

Ringke Fusion X is another option for those looking for a high protection cover for the . Like the previous cover, it has reinforced corners and a body that mixes rubber and TPU. It’s a great combination that delivers the strength and durability needed for the .

Supcase UB Pro

To finish this list, visit the Supcase UB Pro. A cover that offers protection at the extreme level. You have a TPU front and back support that keeps the ’s entire body protected from drops. It is actually a kind of ‘bumper’. And if you don’t like films, you will love the solution.

Where to buy Cases?

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