Best chinese wireless headphones

Wireless headphones are no longer new. Today, any flagship smartphone necessarily needs a Bluetooth headset, as devices with a P2 connection in this category have now become extinct.

In 2016, Apple withdrew the 3.5mm output from the iPhone 7 and this generated a lot of controversy in the technology community. Much of it was negatively positioned against the brand and the public endorsed it.

At that time, that was really a big problem. After all, there weren’t many viable options for wireless headsets. So without the P2 connection, having a smartphone with a Bluetooth headset was practically impossible.

However, today, wireless headsets have become popular and are on the rise. There are hundreds of models and choosing a brand has become a real challenge. Therefore, we created a list with the best chinese Bluetooth wireless headsets . Check out:

Blitzwolf FYE7

I’ll start this list with my favorite model from Blitzwolf: the BW-FYE7. A wireless headset that brings 2 audio drivers. Which means a bass explosion in your ear, without distortion. The battery lasts about 4 hours and the handset has a very nice fit, with excellent external noise reduction.

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Blitzwolf FYE6

When I tested Blitzwolf FYE7, I fell in love. However, its design was a negative point, in my opinion. Then, the brand launched the BW-FYE6, which basically had the same sound quality as the Blitzwolf FYE7, but with a design more similar to the Apple AirPods. Finally we had a Bluetooth headset with exceptional quality, good autonomy and a very elegant design!

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Redmi AirDots

Redmi is a subsidiary brand of Xiaomi. In other words, a means for the brand to produce the most cost-effective projects. The Redmi AirDots wireless headset brings powerful bass, a loud sound capable of pleasing all audiences and offers an ergonomic design that ensures a secure hold.

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Haylou GT1/GT2

When Haylou GT1 was launched, the tech community went crazy. Until then, there was nothing that could compete with Redmi AirDots, in terms of cost-effectiveness. However, Haylou GT1 made it! It delivered a harmonic audio, with good bass, powerful battery, in addition to the same successful design of the competitor. The only complaint was the sensitivity to touch. Feature that many users don’t like. However, the company subsequently launched the GT2 model, which brings the same quality as the previous model, but with a mechanical control feature.

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Pamu Slide

The Pamu Slide was a real surprise in 2019. Until then, we had not seen a wireless headset with such quality at such an attractive price. But the chinese startup, the manufacturer of Bluetooth headsets, knew what it was doing and in just a few months it won the technology community with incredible positive reviews. Some have chosen Pamu Slide as the “Apple AirPods killer”.

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I will finish this list, citing the most recent phone that I tested on my Youtube channel and that caught my attention: the QCY T5. This headset is an evolution of the T3 model, a model that flopped because of the design, and that ended up compromising the quality of the headphones. However, the QCY T5 corrected these problems and now we see a headset with an elegant design, incredible audio quality, sharp bass and full-bodied tones, good fixation and anti-noise technology, in addition to a feature that reduces audio delay during gaming!

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