Top five chinese smartwatches

Top five chinese smartwatches

SmartWatch is a clock that besides provide us with the time, took care of our health and assist our professional and personal life.

These small devices are able to monitor our health, counting the number of steps taken in a day, the distance in meters traveled, in addition to the calories burned during these activities. All this is recorded by the clock that translates the data into graphs indicating the improvements you need to do to maintain optimal physical shape. It also monitors the sleep cycle to tell us how long we need sleep to ensure all these daily tasks efficiently.

Professionally and personally speaking, smartwatch is also very useful. For example, you can connect it to your smartphone, either iOS or Android using Bluetooth and stay connected social networks, e-mail service, as well as answer all calls and notifications. Some smartwatches even offer the possibility to use them as stand-alone devices, because they have a slot for SIM card (mobile chip), enabling all telephone service regardless of the smartphone.

This year we have seen a number of new smartwatches popular international manufacturers like Samsung, LG and Motorola. But smartphone brands and other domestic gadgets also have their own models of handheld devices and though little known, also have provided very good players. So, we take our time today to check the best models of smartwatch available in this market. See:

Xiaomi Mi Band

This device is not exactly a smartwatch because it does not show the time. But it is one of the most affordable devices on the market, the Xiaomi Mi Band.

Resistant to the action of water, you can monitor your health through the steps of counting programs and regulate your sleep to finish all your daily tasks effectively.

Even ignoring the fact that it does not show the time, the gadget comes with almost all functions of a smart watch. You can also receive calls of missed notifications on your phone and the biggest advantage of this accessory is that it has a battery that can last up to 30 days!

Price at online shoppings: $ 19,99.

UWatch U8 Pro

The U8 Pro is a complete smartwatch.It has all the features of more expensive devices like the Apple devices and Samsung. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, either iOS or Android.

So you can make and receive calls, listen to your music, set it to vibrate when you move more than 10 meters away from the phone, monitor their health and even check your current altitude. In addition, you can set alarms, use your timer and even read messages directly on the device if you are connected to the phone.

The device also has a standalone function, incorporating the device all telephony functions from a separate slot for SIM card.

Price at online shoppings: $ 30,00.

InWatch Z

If you do not give up the finish and refined design, you should take a look at InWatch Z – the smartwatch that can truly replace your smartphone.

With 240×240 screen and 1.63 inch protected Sapphire Glass, dual core processor MTK6572 1.2 GHz and 1GB of RAM. This is the smallest “smartphone” (company reference) Android on the market, because it has the technical specifications and ability to work as a true smartphone. So even if only one smartwatch, you can clearly see the difference between the quality of construction as well as the interface that clearly defines the InWatch Z as one of said smartwatches “premium” cheapest on the market.

You can even use voice controls, monitor their fitness activities and calories burned. The device is also water resistant and has a 5 MP camera. Besides having entry MicroSIM card slot.

Price at online shoppings: $ 250.

No.1 G2

With similar to the Galaxy Gear design, Samsung, this smartwatch comes with all the standard features of a smart watch as tracker fitness, sleep cycle monitor, alarm, anti-theft, digital recorder, and the player’s controls music to your smartphone.

The gadget also has a heart rate monitor to keep complete control over your overall health.

According to the company, it connects to almost all models of smartphones on the market today, including Android and iOS devices. In addition, it is resistant to water, dust and has Gorilla Glass protection.

Price at online shoppings: $ 70.

Omate X

My favorite in terms of design and finish is Omate X. SmartWatch that runs the Android, but is fully compatible with your iPhone.

Although very beautiful and elegant, the company has sinned in not making it an independent clock. That is, you do not have a SIM card slot and therefore can not use the telephony functions regardless of whether a smartphone.

However, you have access to all these features like access to push messages and notifications, controls for the music player in your smartphone, anti-theft system … the company was justified saying he wanted to prioritize the life of the appliance that , according to the company, it can last up to a week with only one battery charge.

The processor is an Mediatek MT2502A Aster and he possess 128MB of RAM. Even limited to a smartphone accessory, it is one of the best models smartwatch you can find an online shopping for under $ 150.

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