5 tips to make your old iPhone faster

5 tips to make your old iPhone faster

Yeah, folks… not even the iPhone can escape the effects of time.

Just like every smartphone, the iPhone can also slow down and even start to crash as it becomes overloaded or out of date.

But, that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it. After all, there are some tricks that can make your iPhone Old but Gold again.

Check out now 5 tips to make your old iPhone faster:

Uninstall apps without deleting them

With the rush of everyday life, we don’t always have time to delete that app that is never used and just sits there taking up space, right?

The good news is that iOS comes with a tool that does this for you!

Apple has created a feature that automatically uninstalls all apps that haven’t been used in a long time, but without completely deleting them. Thus, they remain available on the home screen to be downloaded at any time, and still keep all your data saved.

To enable the feature, go to SettingsApp StoreUninstall unused apps.

Close apps open in multitasking

Even though Apple has already declared that it is not necessary to close apps from the multitasking window, some app functions, such as location, continue to work for a while until they “freeze”.

This delay in freezing causes system slowdowns, and even drains the device’s battery.
So if you have an old iPhone, it’s good that you close background apps.

To close multitasking apps on iPhone 8 or earlier, access the App Chooser by double-pressing the Home button. On iPhone X and later generations, just drag your finger from the bottom to the middle of the screen and “throw” the apps up.

Clear cache

The cache is the location that temporarily stores website passwords, images and scripts. This speeds up the execution of programs and makes the page open faster on the user’s next visit.

However, over time, the cache ends up accumulating information, which takes up considerable space in your iPhone’s storage memory.

To clear the site cache, open Settings and enter Safari. Then scroll down and select Clear History and Site DataClear All.

This is a great way to make your iPhone faster, but you may need to re-login to some websites.

Save photos and videos to the cloud

One of the biggest villains of the iPhone’s internal space is the image files. So opting for a cloud storage plan like iCloud can save your smartphone.

These services are often quite inexpensive and allow you to “wipe” photos and videos from your device, freeing up memory automatically.

To choose a cloud storage plan, open Settings → enter your Apple ID → tap iCloud Manage Storage in>.

Clear accumulated WhatsApp media

While we’re at it, have you ever stopped to think how much space is lost with WhatsApp media?

All images, audios, videos and documents files downloaded on WhatsApp are stored on the device and are only manually deleted, which takes up iPhone storage space. So save what interests you and delete what you don’t.

To facilitate this process, open WhatsApp and go to Settings Storage and DataManage Storage. Thus, the app itself will show the items that it finds too heavy, and you can even manage the accumulated files by exploring conversations and groups.

Bonus: Disable background updates

There are many applications that work “hidden” and stay open even when they are not being used, consuming the smartphone’s battery and RAM memory.

This “Background Updates” feature is there to make the app open faster when you tap the icon, as if it never closed.

Yes, it’s pretty cool not having to wait for the app to load, but if your iPhone is slow, it just makes it heavier.

To manage this feature, go to TweaksGeneralBackground Updates.