10 tips and tricks to do on your Samsung smartphone

10 tips and tricks to do on your Samsung smartphone

Samsung is the second largest smartphone maker in the world, gaining more and more fans for its unique designs and cutting-edge technology.

And in addition to creating impressive smartphones like the Galaxy Z Fold3, Samsung also has OneUI, an operating system that brings several features that make the user’s life easier.

So today we are going to give you 10 tips for you to get the most out of your Samsung. Check out:

Restore Factory Settings

We open our list with an awesome Samsung trick you need to know, but hopefully never use, Reset to Factory Settings.

No, we’re not talking about resetting your smartphone if you need to, we’re talking about your device erasing all your data if it’s stolen or lost.

That’s right, if someone tries to unlock the screen with the wrong password or pattern for 15 times, your smartphone will erase all data, preventing a big headache.

To enable this feature, go to Settings –> Lock Screen –> Restore Factory Defaults

Dual Messenger

If you have two profiles on social networks and hate to switch accounts, or would like to use two different WhatsApps, you’ve certainly been disappointed when you try to download two of the same apps, right?

Yes, downloading two of the same apps is impossible, but with OneUI you can duplicate your messaging apps, that is, you can use two Facebook, Instagram, Telegram or WhatsApp apps.

To do this, just go to Settings –> Advanced features –> Dual Messenger

Fast Charging

Some apps run in the background, draining your battery and preventing your smartphone from charging faster, even when they appear to be closed.

But, did you know that there is a way to charge your Samsung faster?

By activating Fast Charging, your smartphone will prioritize charging when leaving apps in stand-by, so you will have a much faster charge.

To activate this feature, just go to Settings –> Device support –> Battery –> More battery settings –> Fast Charging

Post-photo Portrait Mode

Who never took a picture and thought it could have looked much better in Portrait Mode? The good news is that with your Samsung you can change that, thanks to the post-photo Portrait Mode.

Yes, the new version of OneUI brings this unique feature into the phone’s camera itself, but many people still don’t know that.

So the next time you take a picture and forget to use the mode, just go to the Camera –> options (three dots) –> Add portrait effect

* It is worth mentioning that this feature can only be used on photos that have a face.

Receive notifications

If you’re tired of missing notifications because the warning is too discreet, check out this tip!

Samsung smartphones have uniquely customizable notification pop-ups so you don’t miss any messages.
Here, you can customize the size and number of notifications, as well as being able to choose whether or not you want an on-screen light warning to catch your attention.

To customize your notifications, go to Settings –> Notifications –> Short popup settings –> Style of Edge notifications

Know who is calling

Do you know when you’re driving, or away from your smartphone, and it would be great to know who’s calling?

Thinking about users who are tired of stopping important tasks, or even the car, to answer telemarketers, Samsung created a feature that reads the name of the caller aloud, as long as it’s in your contacts, of course.

To save time and patience, just go to Settings –> Accessibility –> Interaction and Craftsmanship –> Answer/End Calls –> Read callers name aloud

Separate App Sound

Another great feature created by Samsung is the Separate App Sound.

This Samsung novelty prevents you from going through the embarrassment of receiving audio on WhatsApp while streaming music to a Bluetooth speaker, for example.

To prevent this from happening, go to Settings –> Sounds and vibration –> Application sound separate. By activating the feature, you can select the app and device wherever it plays.

Screen recording

Did you know that there is a quick and practical way to record your smartphone screen?

With Samsung’s Screen Recording, you can record everything that is happening on the screen, in addition to making settings for screenshots and captured sounds, and still being able to customize the image quality.

To access, go to Settings –> Advanced Features –> Captured screens and screen recorder

Samsung Pay

Using cash is a thing of the past, just like using a physical credit card!

With Samsung Pay you can register all your cards and pay for your purchases just by bringing your smartphone closer to the machine.

That way, you’ll never be caught off guard when you leave your wallet at home. In addition, with each payment you receive points that can be exchanged for benefits and prizes.

* This feature is valid for models with NFC capability.

Popup Screen / Split Screen

And we close our list with a feature that is popular with YouTube users, the pop-up screen.

But, as only YouTube Premium allows this function, many people believe that they cannot enjoy a split screen, which is not true if you have a Samsung!

OneUI brings a unique feature that opens apps in pop-up format so you can reply to a message on WhatsApp without leaving Chrome, or even watch a video on YouTube while browsing Instagram, for example.

To release this function, just open the desired application –> click on options (three dots) –> Open in pop-up view or Open in split screen mode

Complementary tip

In case the app you want to open in popup does not have this option, you can enable in Samsung Labs the option to open all apps in popup.

To do this, go to Settings –> click search (magnifying glass) –> type Labs –> Advanced Features – Labs –> click on Labs –> Multiple windows for all apps