The Xiaomi Air 2 SE TWS Review!

The Xiaomi Air 2 SE TWS Review!

Xiaomi Air 2 SE is Xiaomi’s newest bet for the Bluetooth headset market, and the brand’s cheapest alternative to Apple AirPods.

Recently, I had the opportunity to test a sample of this headset and today, I present to you the Xiaomi Air 2 SE review. From this review, we can say whether the Xiaomi Air 2 SE is worth it or not. Check out:

Xiaomi Air 2 SE: design, construction and battery

Xiaomi Air 2 SE review
Xiaomi Air 2 SE review

The Xiaomi Air 2 SE features a compact, flattened charging base that can be easily transported. The finish is matte and more resistant to scratches and fingerprints.

On the front, there is a notification LED that only informs you that the battery is being charged. At the rear, there is an entry for faster USB-C charging.

Inside the charging base, we found two headphones very similar to the Apple AirPods. Both have touch sensitivity and a matte finish.

Xiaomi Air 2 SE: how to pair with the smartphone?

To pair the Xiaomi Air 2 SE is very easy. Simply remove both headphones from the charging cradle at the same time. In this way, both will connect with each other and will be ready to establish connection with the smartphone.

Xiaomi Air 2 SE: functions

Unfortunately, Xiaomi Air 2 SE brings only the functions of pausing / unpausing music, accessing the virtual assistant and answering / refusing calls.

I was very disappointed with this, since the headset costs twice as much as most other headphones in this category, which have such functions.

Xiaomi Air 2 SE: audio test, microphone test and delay test

In the audio test of the Xiaomi Air 2 SE, I was satisfied. Although there is no in-ear construction in this headset, it has decent bass, good volume and sound insulation.

In fact, Xiaomi Air 2 SE proved to be one of the best options in the market for low-cost headphones, when we talk about headphones without in-ear construction.

Then, I did the microphone test on the Xiaomi Air 2 SE. And the audio captured by my computer turned out to be loud and without significant noise. It was also not a muffled audio. Which is great.

Finally, I did a delay test on the Xiaomi Air 2 SE. And in that test, Xiaomi’s headphones showed no significant audio lag during games.

Xiaomi Air 2 SE: is it worth it?

Considering the amount paid, I think the Xiaomi Air 2 SE is worth it. However, it is important to note that these headphones and earphones are not the best option for people who value the functions of moving / rewinding songs and increasing / decreasing volumes. And I am one of them.

Where to buy?

The Xiaomi Air 2 SE is found in the Chinese online stores below: