Tronsmart Battle: Review!

Tronsmart Battle: Review!

Stop everything you’re doing and check out Tronsmart’s newest Gamer earphone, the incredible Battle!

Tronsmart gives us a Gamer earphone that promises zero delay on any smartphone, even with a Bluetooth 5.0. Will be?

Find out if this really is possible in our full review!

Tronsmart Battle: design, construction and baterry

And Battle starts innovating with a very different Gamer design.
It features a stylish charging base that is enclosed in a transparent finish.

This Gamer base features an LED with an RGB effect that changes color as we leave the base open. Besides it, we have another LED that tells us the battery status.

Speaking of battery, the base is charged via USB Type-C and is capable of storing 20 hours of charge.

Now let’s talk about these earphones that bring a very elegant and differentiated design.

The Battle earphone features a semi-in-ear head similar to Apple AirPods that features a tough matte finish.

This construction is usually much more comfortable in prolonged use, as it does not “invade” the ears.

Its elongated body has an elegant glossy line and bears the brand’s logo.

Plus, this earphone achieves 5 hours of continuous music playback!

As a bonus, Battle has the ipx5 protection that protects against targeted jets of water.

Tronsmart Battle: how to pair with smartphone?

To pair the Battle just open the charging base and remove the two earphones. Thus, they connect to each other and are available in the Bluetooth list.

So, just confirm the connection.

Tronsmart Battle: Functions

Tronsmart likes to deliver earphones with very full functions! Check out:

Factory functions:

– 1 right tap: + volume
– 1 left tap: – volume
– 2 taps: pause/unpause
– 3 taps: Gamer mode
– press right 2s: skip music
– press left 2s: repeat music

During a call:

– 2 taps: answer/end
– press 2 seconds: ignore

Tronsmart Battle: Fixation

As mentioned before, the semi-in-ear earphones tend to be more comfortable, and Battle is no exception!

During our fixation test, this Gamer earphone stayed very fixed and that’s great as it can help with bass gain.

However, these earphones may have some movement in the ears during physical exercise, because this involves sweating and much more abrupt movements.

Tronsmart Battle: audio test, microphone test and delay test

It’s impossible to talk about Battle’s sound quality without commenting on its resemblance to Onyx Ace!

Despite being semi-in-ear, this Gamer earphone delivers great music quality.
It brings powerful bass to this type of construction and still produces a great stereo effect.

However, like Onyx Ace, Battle has a very nice volume level, but can be considered low by those who like loud music.

The advantage of this more moderate volume is that it does not harm the health of the ears, in addition to not breaking the musical tones.

Since we’re talking about sound, let’s talk about microphone!

In our mic test, the Battle had a very audible and virtually noise-free but relatively quiet mic.

So this is a good microphone for calling and playing games, but it might not be ideal for video conferencing.

Now let’s get down to what matters in a Gamer earphone, the delay test!

To put this Bluetooth 5.0 to the test, we ran our test with an entry-level smartphone.

And the conclusion we reached is that Tronsmart delivers on its promises, as it managed to deliver a zero-delay earphone at any smartphone level.

So, even if your smartphone has simple hardware, Battle won’t let you down!

Tronsmart Battle: is it worth it?


Tronsmart delivered a Blutooth 5.0 without delay, which in itself is a miracle.

In addition to that, also created a semi-in-ear earphone with a good stereo effect, despite having a somewhat low volume level.

Finally, this Gamer earphone also features a good microphone for gaming conversations or calls, though it’s not perfect for professional use.

Where to buy?

Tronsmart Battle is found in the online stores below:

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