The Tronsmart Onyx Prime Review!

The Tronsmart Onyx Prime Review!

Get ready to meet Tronsmart’s newest Premium model, the incredible Tronsmart Onyx Prime!

This fancy-named earphone promises an unrivaled music experience, a flawless Gamer mode, and guarantees that it’s packed with a crystal-clear microphone.

But does Prime really live up to its name?
Find out now in our full review!

Tronsmart Onyx Prime: design, construction and battery

The first impression we have of the Tronsmart Onyx Prime is that it was inspired by the Tronsmart design, however, this new model gained a more Premium feel.

Starting at the base, it has a discreet, relatively compact construction that features a tough matte finish.

In addition, the base has a USB Type-C input for faster charging and even has a Led battery level notification.

And as mentioned before, the Tronsmart Onyx Prime earphones have a very distinctive design that features an elegant Black Piano finish.

They have an ear canal-facing construction, which can mean a bass gain, plus a support strap to ensure excellent grip.

Despite being relatively small, this earphone achieves a great autonomy of 7 hours of continuous music playback.

Finally, Tronsmart has not released Tronsmart Onyx Prime’s water resistance protection, but we believe it is ipx4 against splash and sweat.

However, as this is a earphone for the sports audience, this protection may be superior.

Tronsmart Onyx Prime: How to pair with smartphone?

The Tronsmart Onyx Prime features automatic simultaneous connection, which means the sides work independently and connect automatically.

So, just remove the earphones from the charging base so that they connect to each other and become available in the Bluetooth list. So, just confirm the connection!

Tronsmart Onyx Prime: Functions

The Tronsmart Onyx Prime is a very complete earphone that brings all the functions we are looking for. Check out:

Default functions:

– 1 tap right: + volume
– 1 tap left: – volume
– 2 taps: pause/unpause
– 3 taps: Gamer mode
– press 2s right: skip music
– press 2s left: rewind music
– 1 tap + press 1s: virtual assistant

During a call:

– 2 taps: answer/end
– press 2 seconds: ignore

Tronsmart Onyx Prime: Fixation

And if you like to enjoy music while doing high-performance exercise, this earphone is an excellent choice!

During our test, the Tronsmart Onyx Prime support straps showed excellent grip and ensured safety during the most abrupt movements.

So whether you’re at the gym or on the street, running or riding a bike, you can count on Prime!

Tronsmart Onyx Prime: Audio Test, Microphone Test and Delay Test

Before talking about music, we need to say that Tronsmart Onyx Prime has support for Codec aptX.
So if your smartphone supports it, you’ll get studio-quality music!

Well, we’re happy to report that, with or without Codec aptX, this earphone delivers simply amazing sound quality.

The Tronsmart Onyx Prime has an excellent volume level and brings very well defined tones, even when they are at maximum volume.

Plus, it has such powerful bass that it makes you feel the beat of the music!

This excellent stereo effect ensures an immersive experience that will appeal to all audiences.

And Tronsmart guarantees that the Tronsmart Onyx Prime is also an excellent Gamer earphone, so it comes with a Qualcomm 5.2 chipset that promises zero delay on any smartphone.

To take the test, we ran FPS games on an entry-level smartphone, and we were really happy with the result!

Even when tested on super simple hardware, Tronsmart Onyx Prime didn’t show any kind of delay, not even during sequences of fire.

So this is one of the most versatile earphones we’ve tested!

Finally, we did a mic test to see if we have a complete model on hand and, once again, we were impressed with the Tronsmart Onyx Prime.

It delivered audio without any muffling, with very rare noise and an excellent volume level.

This means that this earphone can be used in any situation, even if you need to have a video conference!

Tronsmart Onyx Prime: is it worth it?

Definitely, Tronsmart managed to surpass itself with Tronsmart Onyx Prime!

This stylish earphone delivers highly immersive sound quality and excellent stereo effect.

It’s also perfect for Gamer audiences, as it doesn’t show lag on any type of smartphone, and it also has a really good microphone.

And as if that wasn’t enough, all this quality can be enjoyed by any audience, as this model also features an efficient support strap.

Where to buy?

The Tronsmart Onyx Prime is found in the online stores below:

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