The Tronsmart Onyx Apex Review!

The Tronsmart Onyx Apex Review!

Are you ready to meet the earphone that fights for the first position among the best of the year?

Tronsmart gives us the brand new Onyx Apex, a earphone that promises an immersive stereo effect with its 2 ANC modes, a microphone for professional use and an incredible Gamer experience!

That’s the description of a perfect earphone, but does the Onyx Apex really deliver on its promises?
Find out now in our full review!

Onyx Apex: design, construction and battery

And Tronsmart bets again on a design that, apparently, will become a symbol of the brand.

With an earphone very similar to the Apollo Air, the Onyx Apex has an elegant gloss finish and has an ear canal construction.

The gloss finish is actually more beautiful, but it can lead to streaks and scratches. To compensate, this type of construction usually generates a good bass gain.

As a bonus, this stylish earphone carries a splash water protection for ip45.

The base of the Onyx Apex has a resistant matte finish and also has a much thinner design, which favors the durability and transport of the charging base.

In addition, this base has a Type-C USB port for more efficient charging and also has 4 LEDs that inform battery status.

Finally, the Onyx Apex carries a good autonomy ranging from 4.5 to 5 hours, depending on the volume.

Onyx Apex: how to pair with smartphone?

Onyx Apex has simultaneous connection. This means the earphones work independently and connect automatically.

So, just remove the earphones from the charging base and they connect to each other and are available in the Bluetooth list. So, just confirm the connection!

Onyx Apex: Functions

The Onyx Apex is a very complete earphone that has all the functions we are looking for! Check out:

Factory functions:

– 1 tap right: + volume
– 1 tap left: – volume
– 2 taps: pause/unpause
– 3 taps: ANC modes
– press 2s right: skip music
– press 2s left: rewind music

Factory functions:

– 1 tap: answer
– 2 taps: end call

Onyx Apex: Fixation

Just like its design brother, the Onyx Apex is very comfortable and has a great hold.

During our test it stayed pretty fixed, which can also help with bass gain.

Also, this appears to be a earphone that can be used for long hours without causing discomfort.

Onyx Apex: Noise Canceling Modes(ANC)

Onyx Apex has two ANC modes. One of them was created to generate security, and the other was designed to offer a greater immersion in the world of music.

Ambient is a mode that amplifies all external sounds, but without spoiling the sound quality.

It’s perfect for use at the gym or on the street, whether you’re the pedestrian, the driver or the cyclist. That way, we can listen to our songs without them camouflaging important sounds, like voices or car horns.

Noise Cancelation mutes all indoor sounds to create a more immersive music experience.

This is the ideal mode to use at home and enjoy a good playlist to the full, or even to create a perfect immersion in FPS games!

During our tests, both ANC modes worked perfectly!

Onyx Apex: Audio Test, Microphone Test, and Delay Test

Before talking about music, it is important to point out that Onyx Apex has support for Codec aptX!
In other words, if your smartphone is compatible, it will have a sound quality close to studios.

Well, the Onyx Apex is already starting to deliver on its promises by delivering excellent sound quality!

This earphone produces an incredible stereo effect that has powerful bass and very well-defined tones. In addition, it brings a great volume level that doesn’t burst the tones even when it’s full.

And Tronsmart showed that it also wants to enter the game of Gamers earphones, as it gave us the advanced Bluetooth 5.2 chipset from Qualcomm.

The result of this was impeccable performance during our delay test where, even running heavy FPS games on an entry level smartphone, the Onyx Apex didn’t show any kind of lag!

Finally, we put the microphone to the test and were pleasantly surprised when we noticed a huge resemblance between it and the professional mic.

The Onyx Apex probably carries the best mic ever tested here on the channel, as it has a great volume level and doesn’t have any kind of interference!

Onyx Apex: is it worth it?

Definitely yes!

Tronsmart managed to surpass itself by “replacing” the great Apollo Air with the incredible Onyx Apex!

This stylish earphone combines an almost perfect musical quality with two ANC modes that guarantee a great sound immersion, and even supports Codec aptX.

And if you are a Gamer, you can be sure that you will have a highly synchronized experience, regardless of your smartphone.

To close with a flourish, the Onyx Apex microphone will make your game opponents or even your videoconferencing colleague jealous!

Where to buy?

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