The Tronsmart Element T6 Mini Review!

The Tronsmart Element T6 Mini Review!

If you are looking for a cheap and powerful speaker, you need to know the powerful T6 Mini!

This little big speaker was one of the best sellers of the year, as well as being one of Tronsmart’s biggest sellers.

Want to know why the T6 Mini was a blast?
Find out in our full review:

Element T6 Mini: design and construction and battery

The T6 Mini is still a huge success for being a cheap and very powerful speaker.

It features such a compact construction that it can be held in your hand, yet it has an excellent finish.

This speaker is surrounded by a textile fabric that gives a more elegant look, in addition to having a rubberized material that guarantees fewer marks and scratches.

The construction has a front panel that brings a button for changing functions, the + and – volume buttons, and the POWER button.

The T6 Mini also has a connection compartment where we find three inputs: USB type-C, P2 cable, and memory card.

Yes, in addition to being a Bluetooth speaker, the T6 Mini can also be connected to other devices via the P2 cable, which, by the way, is included with the package.

Plus, it has super fast charging and you can even listen to your music straight from your memory card.

Speaking of charging, this little speaker manages to achieve nothing less than 24 hours of continuous playback, but at medium volume, okay?

And as a bonus, the T6 Mini even has ipx6 protection against directed jets of water.

So, if you’re listening to music and it starts to rain, you can relax and calmly collect your speaker!

Element T6 Mini: how to pair it with the smartphone?

To pair the T6 Mini just press the POWER button.
This way, it will be available in the Bluetooth list and just confirm the connection.

Element T6 Mini: Audio Test, Microphone Test and Delay Test

Before talking about sound quality, we need to mention another very interesting point about the T6 Mini: it has a 360° sound system!

This means that the sound comes out evenly from all sides, which ensures a super immersive music experience.

But, so much technology is useless if we don’t have powerful bass, right?

So we tested the sound quality, and were amazed at the power of this little speaker!

Even with only 15w, which is hard to believe, the T6 Mini made the table vibrate throughout the test.

This speaker achieves an incredibly high volume level and still achieves a really cool effect with the 360° system.

Plus, it delivers extremely powerful bass thanks to its powerful subwoofer!

And since we’re talking about sound, let’s talk about the microphone!

Yes, the T6 Mini has built-in microphones so you can answer calls.

And, unlike many speakers, it featured a very audible and virtually muted but relatively muffled microphone.

This isn’t the best mic in the world, but it’s also far from the worst.

Therefore, you can answer calls through this speaker, but it can be a little complicated if you are in an open environment or with a lot of people.

And just to keep up with practice, the T6 Mini surprised us in our delay test!

This box has a very synchronized Bluetooth 5.0 and delivers a great result on entry-levels smartphones.

So you can count on it to watch your movies, and if you have an intermediate or high-end smartphone, you can even use it for games!

Element T6 Mini: is it worth it?

Without a shadow of a doubt!

The Tronsmart T6 Mini is a cheap, compact and extremely powerful speaker.

It delivers enviable sound quality for its size, in addition to having a perfect 360° system that guarantees a highly immersive experience.

Besides, the T6 Mini brings a sufficiently clean microphone and even features zero delay on intermediate and advanced smartphones.

Anyway, this really is an excellent value for money!

Where to buy?

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