The Tozo NC2 Review!

The Tozo NC2 Review!

Get ready to meet the first Tozo earphone tested here on the channel: the powerful Tozo NC2!

The newest Tozo bet guarantees that it will shake the competition with a super powerful sound, two impeccable ANC modes and zero delay.

Find out with us if all this is true:

Tozo NC2: design, construction and battery

The Tozo NC2 features a super discreet charging base that has a flatter construction for easy carrying in a pocket or armband.

This foundation also has an excellent matte finish, which ensures fewer scratches and increases the longevity of the product.

Plus, it features charging via USB Type-C and still has 4 LEDs for battery level notification.

So, in addition to charging much faster and more efficiently, you’ll still know exactly when to charge the base.

The Tozo NC2’s earphones have a very elegant design that is highlighted by a glossy finish.

In addition to being beautiful, these earphones have a construction aimed at the ear canal, which usually generates good bass gain.

They also have a more elongated body that is responsible for an excellent autonomy of 8 hours of continuous music playback.

And if that wasn’t enough, the Tozo NC2 still has the amazing ipx6 protection that ensures the earphones come out unscathed from a storm or a quick fall into the water.

Tozo NC2: how to pair with smartphone?

The Tozo NC2 features automatic simultaneous connection, which means that both sides work independently.

Therefore, simply remove the earphones from the charging base and they connect to each other and become available in the Bluetooth list. And then just confirm the connection.

Oh, and if you keep one of the sides in the base, the other one still works!

Tozo NC2: Functions

Standard functions (dual use)

– 1 right tap: pause/unpause
– 1 left tap: ANC modes
– 2 taps right: skip music
– 2 taps left: back music
– press right 3s: – volume
– press left 3s: + volume
– 3 taps + press: virtual assistant

Functions during call

– 1 tap: answer
– press 2 seconds: refuse/end

Tozo NC2: ANC Modes

The Tozo NC2 has two ANC modes: “Transparent Mode” and “ANC-ON”.

The “Transparent Mode” is a mode created to ensure security and facilitate user communication, as it amplifies external sounds without them camouflaging the music.

This is the perfect mode for those who like to chat while listening to music at the gym, for example.

It also allows you to hear the noise of the traffic, which is indispensable for those who like to ride their bike on the street.

And we are happy to see that this mode greatly amplifies the most important voices and sounds, without spoiling the sound quality at all!

The “ANC-ON” was created to guarantee a great sound immersion, as it completely cancels the noise of an environment.

This is the ideal ANC for you to use at home and “immerse yourself” in your favorite music or movie.

And we were impressed with the immersion quality created by this ANC! Therefore, this is the perfect mode for those who enjoy the beat of music or love to marathon movies and series!

Tozo NC2: Audio Test, Delay Test and Microphone Test

And the moment of truth has arrived! Is the Tozo NC2 among the giants?

In our sound quality test, this earphone delivered super-loud volume and extremely powerful bass. In fact, too much!

The problem with this excess power is that the bass overpowers the other tones, so it can become strident in some musical styles.

But that doesn’t mean this isn’t great sound quality…
In fact, if we set the volume to 80%, we get a flawless stereo effect.

So all the tones are harmonious and at the same time we can feel the beat of the music!

In our delay test, we put the Tozo NC2’s Bluetooth 5.2 to the test!

For those who don’t know, in this test we ran FPS games on an entry-level smartphone to see if we have stability and synchronized sound feedback.

And the result of this test was a slight delay of about 0.2 seconds that was most noticeable during the firing sequences.

This may not have been a perfect result, but it certainly means there will be no lag on mid-range or more advanced smartphones!

And to close with a flourish, we did our long-awaited microphone test!

Well, the first impression we had is that the Tozo NC2 delivers a slightly muffled audio, but it has a good volume level.

What’s more, it doesn’t have significant noise or hiss, so it’s a good microphone for making calls, but it wouldn’t be the best choice in case of video conferences.

Tozo NC2: is it worth it?

Yes, it’s worth it!

The Tozo NC2 features a compact and elegant design that has a great finish.

Plus, it achieves excellent autonomy for a earphone with noise canceling modes.

In fact, there are two ANC modes that work very well and, together with a great sound quality, create a perfect musical experience in all styles!

And even though it was tested on an entry-level smartphone, the Tozo NC2 had a very subtle delay that probably won’t be noticed on higher-end smartphones.

Finally, if you like making calls or playing games online, this is a good microphone!

Where to buy?

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