The Soundpeats T3 Review!

The Soundpeats T3 Review!

Get ready to meet Soundpeats’ newest hybrid noise canceling earphone, the mighty T3!

This stylish earphone promises a super immersive music experience with its two ANC modes, plus zero gaming delay by bringing a Bluetooth 5.2.

This all sounds very tempting, but is it really a complete earphone?
Discover the truth in our review:

Soundpeats T3: design, construction and battery

We open our analysis talking about this interesting charging base.
The T3 features a compact but not too thin base that pads the earphones in a different way.

This elegant base has a great matte finish that ensures greater product durability.

And in addition to bringing a type-C USB port for faster charging, it also has a unique LED for battery level notification.

The T3 earphones, on the other hand, have a rubber head that is directed to the ear canal.
This construction is great as it usually has a good hold and guarantees good bass.

And despite having an elongated body, these earphones are quite light and elegant.

The advantage of having a longer body is that the earphone can have a larger battery. Therefore, the T3 achieves the great autonomy of 5.5 hours of continuous music playback.

Finally, there is no official announcement about protection for water resistance, which implies that it is a simpler protection, such as ipx4.

Soundpeats T3: how to pair with smartphone?

Soundpeats T3 has automatic simultaneous connection, which means the sides work independently.

So, to pair them, just remove the earpieces from the charging base.
Thus, they connect to each other and are available in the Bluetooth list.

Soundpeats T3: functions

Default Functions

– 1 tap right: + volume
– 1 tap left: – volume
– 2 taps: pause/unpause
– 3 taps: virtual assistant
– press 1.5 seconds right: skip music
– press 1.5 seconds left : ANC modes

During Call Functions

– 2 taps: answer/end
– press 1.5 seconds: ignore

Soundpeats T3: ANC Modes

Soundpeats T3 has two ANC modes: “Transparent” and “ANC-ON”.

“Transparent” is a mode that guarantees security and facilitates communication, as it amplifies external sounds without camouflaging the music.

This is the perfect mode for those who like to chat while listening to music at the gym, for example.

It also allows you to listen to traffic noises, which is a must for anyone who likes to ride a bike in the street.

And we are happy to say that this mode fulfills its purpose! It amplifies important voices and sounds, but without spoiling the sound quality.

The “ANC-ON” was created to guarantee a great sound immersion, as it completely cancels out the noise of an environment.

This is ideal mode for you to use at home and immerse yourself in your favorite music or movie.

By activating this mode, we were impressed by the quality and immersion it creates.
So, if you like and marathon playlists or series, you will be very happy with this earphone!

Soundpeats T3: audio test, delay test and microphone test

Now that we know the ANC modes work perfectly, we need to know if the T3 delivers good sound quality, right?

So, we did our audio test and were stunned by extremely powerful bass!

The T3 delivered an advanced sound experience with a great volume level and well-defined tones.
This union of qualities creates a great stereo effect and a very immersive music experience.

But since not everything is perfect, the T3 showed a subtle delay during our gaming test.
When we ran FPS games on an entry-level smartphone, it showed a 0.2 second lag.

Well, the delay was only noticed during the shooting sequences, which is a good sign, because this smartphone has very simple hardware.

So, this delay should not be noticed on intermediate or high-end smartphones.

And once again, the T3 delivered some pretty powerful audio during our microphone test!

It delivers a great volume level, but has some muffling and some noise.
Despite that, it’s a very audible microphone and can be used for calls and video conferences!

Soundpeats T3: is it worth it?

Yes, this is a great ANC earphone!

Soundpeats T3 features a compact and elegant design that features a great finish.

Plus, it achieves optimal battery life for a noise-canceling earphone. In fact, both ANC modes work perfectly well.

And, even though it was tested on an entry-level smartphone, the T3 had a very subtle delay that probably won’t be noticed on more advanced smartphones.

Finally, if you like to chat, you won’t be disappointed with this earphone’s microphone!

Where to buy?

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