The Soundpeats T2: Review

The Soundpeats T2: Review

Soundpeats T2 promises to please music lovers with its powerful hybrid ANC mode, in addition to its great musical quality.
It also guarantees a powerful battery and games without delay, even on simple smartphones.

Will we find all the qualities of a great earphone in this new Soundpeats model?

Soundpeats T2: design, construction and battery

Bringing an elegant and compact design, which has a great matte finish, the Soundpeats T2 has already shown what it came for.

Its charging base has 3 notification LEDs to let us know when to charge the earphones. It also has a USB Type-C input, which generates a much faster charge.

The earphone have a very resistant finish, which carries the elegant logo of the brand.
It have a shape directed towards the ear canal, in addition to a more “plump” body.

All this especially big design has an explanation that will certainly please you…
Soundpeats T2 achieves the incredible autonomy of 10 hours of continuous music playback!

As a bonus, it have a very advanced protection against directed jets, the Ipx5.

Soundpeats T2: how to pair with the smartphone?

To pair the Soundpeats T2 simply open the charging base and remove both earphones simultaneously. Thus, they connect and are already available for pairing. So, just confirm the connection!

Soundpeats T2: functions

Soundpeats T2 is a complete model that brings all the functions that we would like.
In addition to the classic functions, it also has two noise cancellation modes!

Default functions:

– 1 tap: + volume
– 1 tap left: – volume
– 2 taps: pause/unpause
– 3 taps: virtual assistant
– press 1.5s right: skip music
– press 2s left: ANC Modes

Soundpeats T2: ANC modes

And the time has come to find out if these earphones deliver what they promise about sound immersion! After all, they ensure that its two modes of noise cancellation(ANC) are fully functional.

In the first test, I tested the Indoor mode. This mode is used to “cancel” the noise of the environment.
I confess that I was amazed to activate the mode! All external sounds, including the noise of the ceiling fan, disappeared instantly. It is a richly immersive experience!

The Transparent mode also works perfectly! It is a way to be used on the street, because that way we can listen to music without camouflaging the external noises, since the mode amplifies the sounds of the environment. Thus, we pay attention to what is important on the street, such as horns and other people.

Soundpeats T2: audio test, microphone test and delay test

So, I activated the ANC indoor to make the sound quality test an even more incredible experience!

The first positive point of this earphone is its great volume level! It is very loud, but it doesn’t burst any of the tones when he is at maximum.

In addition, its sound quality offers a great stereo effect, where the bass is more prominent, but all the tones are clear and defined.

In our delay test, the Soundpeats T2 proved to be impeccable once again, as it did not present a delay even when tested on a basic smartphone, the Galaxy A01. S
o even if you have an entry smartphone, you can still play without any delay!

And in the long-awaited microphone test, the earphones proved to have a very loud audio, but it does have some noises and hisses.
Fortunately, there are not so many noises that it cannot be used, but it could be better.

Soundpeats T2: is it worth it?

Yes, it is worth it!

The Soundpeats T2 has an incredible design and a monster battery that lasts 10 hours!

To take advantage of this autonomy, it has great musical quality and a great stereo effect. In addition, it still carries two ANC modes that generate a uniquely immersive experience.

Unfortunately, your microphone does not match the quality of the other items, but it can be used peacefully in calls, games or even video lessons.

Finally, T2 does not have a delay on entry-level smartphones, even in FPS games!

Where to buy?

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