The Soundpeats H1: Review

The Soundpeats H1: Review

Soundpeats H1, the most powerful Soundpeats earphone has just arrived in our studio!

Bringing a Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.2 chipset, a mega battery and Codec aptX support, it promises to be the most cost-effective Soundpeats. Really?

Let’s find out!

Soundpeats H1: design, construction and battery

It’s impossible to talk about Soundpeats H1 without mentioning its amazing design!

The H1 has a beautiful charging base with a Premium Matte finish, which is finished in two elegant shades of grey. This great finish guarantees a greater longevity to the product.

In addition, the charging base has 4 LEDs that show battery status, and it also has a USB Type-C port for faster and more efficient charging.

About the earphones, which are also extremely beautiful, they bring the same colors and finish as the charging base, in addition to the stylish brand logo.

However, despite being beautiful, we cannot say that they are compact earphones. After all, they need a sturdier body to “hold” a monster battery of 10 hours of music playback!

In addition to all these qualities, Soundpeats H1 also has a very advanced protection, the ipx5. So if you’re out on the street and it starts to rain, even if it’s heavy, your earphones will come out intact!

Soundpeats H1: fixation

Despite having a large body, the Soundpeats H1 surprised us for being a comfortable earphone and with a great fixation.

And to ensure that, it has a good set of rubbers.

The H1 even comes with a foam rubber that was specially developed for comfort and better sound insulation!

Soundpeats H1: how to pair with smartphone?

To pair, you just need to open the charging base, remove the two earphones, and they are available in the Bluetooth list.
So, just confirm the connection.

Soundpeats H1: functions

Soundpeats has really invested in a complete earphone, bringing this model that carries all the functions we’re looking for!

H1 functions:

– 1 tap right: + volume
– 1 tap left: – volume
– 2 taps: pause/unpause
– 3 taps right: virtual assistant
– 3 taps left: Gamer mode
– press 1.5 right: skip music
– press 1.5 left: resume music

Function during call:

– 2 taps: answer
– press 1.5: reject
– press 2: navigate between two calls

Soundpeats H1: audio test, microphone test and delay test

It is important to remember that H1 supports Codec Apt-X. In other words, if your smartphone supports this technology, you will experience a musical quality very similar to that of the studio.

In our audio quality test, Soundpeats H1 delivered one of the best sound qualities ever tested on our channel!

The earphone reaches an extremely high volume level, but doesn’t burst tones even at maximum. Therefore, it has a perfect stereo effect, with all tones very well defined.

And in our delay test, we put Qualcomm’s famous Bluetooth 5.2 chipset to the test!

Once again, we were surprised by Soundpeats H1 with its flawless performance when running pretty heavy games on an entry-level smartphone.

Fortunately, even on a very basic smartphone, there was no delay in our tests!

To be a perfect earphone, the Soundpeats H1 needs to prove to us that it has a good microphone. After all, it’s very important for calls or even for games.

Finally, Soundpeats showed us that they invested heavily in this model, bringing a clean audio microphone with a good volume!

Soundpeats H1: is it worth it?

Yes, it’s worth a lot!

There’s no denying that this is one of the best earphones ever tested on our channel!

The Soundpeats H1 carries a great 10 hour battery life, and still delivers incredible music quality. So it’s a earphone that will appeal to Gamers and music lovers!

In addition, it has advanced technology that guarantees zero delay, on any smartphone.

To close with a flourish, the microphone has a great quality for calls or games.

In summary, the Soundpeats H1 is practically a perfect earphone!

Where to buy?

Soundpeats H1 is found in the online stores below:
Soundpeats Official Store

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