The Soundpeats G1 Review!

The Soundpeats G1 Review!

And it’s time to test Soundpeats’ newest gaming headset, the stylish Soundpeats G1!

Soundpeats is already consolidating itself in the gaming territory and this time it has given us a giant headset that promises to have a perfect surround effect. Will be?

Discover everything this “monster” has to offer in our full review:

Soundpeats G1: design and construction

The first thing we noticed when opening the box of the Soundpeats G1 is that, in addition to being a huge headset, it comes with dual cabling.

Yes, like all good gamer headsets, the Soundpeats G1 comes with cabling to ensure zero delay, and as a differential, it can be used on both PC and PS4.

Another differential of this model is that it has a custom gamer logo and still has RGB lights to make the headset even more stylish.

Plus, it has a great open and close system on the handles, so it should fit very well on any user.

And speaking of comfort, the Soundpeats G1 has a set of premium earpads that can be swapped out if they wear out, and it even comes with a huge cushion on top of the build.

In addition to being fully padded, this headset still has a great degree of opening, so it should adapt very well to different head sizes.

And to ensure a good gamer conversation, the Soundpeats G1 features a large microphone that, despite not being removable, has excellent mobility.

Finally, the Soundpeats G1 has a simple control, but it brings the main functions we are looking for, such as increasing and decreasing the volume, and the function of turning the microphone on and off.

Soundpeats G1: Audio Test, Step Test and Microphone Test

And it’s time to find out if these 50mm drivers really deliver what they promise!

In our sound quality test, the Soundpeats G1 delivered a great level of volume and was shown to have a more “flat” sound, meaning that all the tones are in harmony and none stand out.

Okay, but is that good or bad?
In a gamer headset, this is perfect!

After all, this “flat” quality guarantees an excellent surround effect, which is what allows us to know where the enemy’s footsteps are coming from within an FPS game.

So we did the famous step test and were surprised by the Soundpeats G1!

Yeah, folks… few headsets can achieve the gaming perfection that this model delivers.

With it, we were able to distinguish exactly the enemy’s position during the match, just by tracking the steps through this surround effect!

And to be a perfect gamer headset, it needs to guarantee a good conversation, right?

So we did the long-awaited mic test and once again we were impressed!

In the test, the Soundpeats G1 delivered audio with an excellent volume level and zero muting.

In addition, even when we brought the microphone closer to the mouth, it presented very little hiss, which is quite rare to see.

Soundpeats G1: is it worth it?

Yes, this is a great gamer headset!

The Soundpeats G1 features an impeccable design, complete with stylish RGB lights and removable earpads.
Plus, it’s one of the few headsets that features dual cabling for use on the PS4!

Speaking of sound quality, the Soundpeats G1 guarantees a great experience for those who enjoy quieter music, as it has a “flat” quality.

And thanks to this more balanced quality it creates a great surround effect, so you’ll know exactly where the enemy’s footsteps are coming from.

Finally, the Soundpeats G1 has a microphone that is practically perfect for online chatting!

Where to buy?

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