The Soundpeats Air 3 Review!

The Soundpeats Air 3 Review!

If, like me, you were eager to learn about the evolution of True Air 2, now is the time!

Despite not having the same last name, Soundpeats Air 3 promises to keep the same quality of its predecessor and still bring some updates.

Can it really get over what was already great?

Soundpeats Air 3: design, construction and battery

We’ll begin our analysis of this evolution by talking about design changes.

Soundpeats Air 3 has a charging base that is about 10% smaller and thinner than the previous version, which makes it easier to carry the earphones.

Like its predecessor, this base has a LED for battery notification and even has a USB Type-C input for faster charging.

Plus, it has a great matte finish that ensures fewer marks and scratches.

And let’s get to know the earphones!

The Soundpeats Air 3 features earphones with a semi-in-ear head and ear canal-directed design.

This evolution brings a less elongated body, so it is a lighter earphone.

Fortunately, even with a much smaller body, the Soundpeats Air 3 also achieves the autonomy of 5 hours of continuous music playback.

And even without an official disclosure, Soundpeats guarantees that Soundpeats Air 3 has ipx4 protection against splashing water, dust and sweat.

Soundpeats Air 3: how to pair with smartphone?

The Soundpeats Air 3 brought the facility of simultaneous connection, that is, the earphones work independently. So you can only use one of them!

To pair the Soundpeats Air 3, just remove the two earphones from the base they connect and are already available in the Bluetooth list.

Soundpeats Air 3: functions

Default Functions

– 1 tap right: + volume
– 1 tap left: – volume
– 2 taps: pause/unpause
– 3 taps left: gamer mode
– 3 taps right: virtual assistant
– press 1.5 right: skip music
– press 1.5 left: back music

During Call Functions

– 2 taps: answer/end
– press 2 seconds: ignore

Soundpeats Air 3: fixation

Despite not having rubber, the Soundpeats Air 3 surprised us with its great fixation!

It’s a earphone that molds well to the ear canal and is still super comfortable, so it can be used for long periods and also during exercise.

Soundpeats Air 3: audio test, microphone test and delay test

Yes, just like True Air 2, Soundpeats Air 3 also supports Codec aptX.
So, if your smartphone is compatible, your music will be studio-like in quality.

And Soundpeats proved they weren’t kidding when they said they would maintain, and improve, their sound quality!

In our audio quality test the Soundpeats Air 3 delivered an amazing stereo effect, with well-defined tones and very powerful bass.

Besides, it achieved the feat of surpassing the volume level of the last generation, and without blowing any of the tones.

In our delay test we put Bluetooth 5.2 and Soundpeats Air 3’s Gamer mode to the test!
And once again, Soundpeats has outdone itself by delivering highly synchronized sonic feedback.

The Soundpeats Air 3 didn’t demonstrate any kind of delay, even when running FPS games on an entry-level smartphone. So this is an excellent Gamer earphone.

Finally, we did the long-awaited microphone test.
And if you are looking for a mic for videoconferences, you can count on this guy here!

Despite not having a very high volume level, the Soundpeats Air 3 has a very clear microphone.
It delivers muted-free audio with very little hiss!

Soundpeats Air 3: is it worth it?

What was good, it got even better!

Soundpeats Air 3 is a very welcome evolution that managed to surpass a quality that was already great for a earphone without rubber.

It has a more compact design, but which maintains the same autonomy and finishing quality.

In addition, Soundpeats Air 3 maintained great sound quality and achieved an even higher volume level!

And as if this overcoming weren’t enough, the new generation still had zero delay in our test and delivered a good microphone for professional use.

Where to buy?

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