The Soundpeats A6 Review!

The Soundpeats A6 Review!

Are you ready to experience Soundpeats’ newest hybrid ANC headset?

The flexible A6 promises great sound quality combined with an immersive ANC, plus an enhanced microphone for video calls. Will be?

Discover all the positives and negatives of this elegant headset:

Soundpeats A6: design, construction and battery

The A6 draws attention for being a very compact and very malleable headset.

It also has a very practical design that folds to the inside and to the sides, which makes it much easier to transport.

It’s an elegant construction that features a great matte finish to avoid scratches and marks.

In addition, the A6 features premium quality earpads that ensure comfort during extended use.

On the right earpad, we have a control system that features a POWER button, + and – volume buttons, and a button for ANC control.

And on the left earpad, the USB type-C input is located for faster charging.

Speaking of battery, the A6 delivers 28 hours of continuous music playback.
This autonomy is achieved at medium volume and with the ANC mode active.

If ANC mode is off, the autonomy can reach 40 hours.

Soundpeats A6: how to pair with smartphone?

To pair Soundpeats A6 just press the POWER button.
This way, it is available in the Bluetooth list and just confirm the connection!

Soundpeats A6: Noise Canceling Modes (ANC)

Surely you’re looking forward to seeing the A6’s hybrid ANC modes, aren’t you?

Sorry to inform you, but we don’t believe this is a hybrid headset. After all, it only has two modes: ANC-ON and ANC-OFF.

To compensate, Soundpeats promises that effective ANC cancels out 90% of an ambient noise.

During our test, the A6 delivered a good job with its unique ANC mode.
ANC-ON was able to cancel out all ambient noise and created a very immersive experience.

And what is ANC-OFF for? For nothing. It just turns off the noise cancellation mode.

Soundpeats A6: audio test, microphone test and delay test

Well, we did our audio test to see if the A6 delivers a quality music experience.
And yes, it has excellent sound quality and a good volume level, although it’s not very loud.

This headset creates a great stereo effect and delivers well-defined tones as well as powerful bass.

And since it’s mobile, many people might pick up the A6 as a Gamer headset.
So we did our classic test where we ran an FPS game on a entry-level smartphone.

Unfortunately, the A6 demonstrated a delay that could be noticed during sequences of fire.

So, as this delay is not noticeable in videos or in single shots, there will certainly be no lag on more advanced smartphones.

Finally, we tested the audio from the Soundpeats A6 microphones!

Fortunately, we were surprised by a great volume level, very little muffling and almost no interference.

So, this is a great microphone for those who make video calls and even video conferences.

Soundpeats A6: is it worth it?


The A6 has a elegant, resistant, comfortable and very functional design.

Besides, it has great battery and excellent sound quality.

And despite having only one ANC mode, it’s really efficient and creates a very immersive atmosphere.

This headset can also be a good choice for Gamers, as long as it is used in an advanced intermediate or high-end smartphone.

Finally, the A6 brings great microphones that can be used in any situation!

Where to buy?

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