Soundcore Life A2 NC: Review!

Soundcore Life A2 NC: Review!

Discover Soundcore Life A2 NC, Anker’s newest bet to unseat the competition!
This sports earphone promises to make a lot of noise, but without losing its sound quality!

Bringing hybrid technology with 5 ANC modes, Soundcore promises deep musical immersion. Really?

Find out now if Life A2 NC really delivers on its promises!

Soundcore Life A2 NC: design, construction and battery

The Life A2 NC starts by drawing attention with its very different design.

It has a beautiful charging base that, despite being big, has a flat shape for easy transport.

This base has a great matte black finish, which ensures greater durability.
And when opened, we found 3 battery level notification LEDs.

In addition, the base features a Type-C USB port for more efficient charging.

The earphones carry a bulging body and a sporty design with a support strap. They have a beautiful matte finish and elegant gloss details.

This larger body guarantees a great autonomy of 7 hours of continuous playback.

Finally, the earphones have great ipx5 protection for water resistance, which ensures they come out of a storm intact.

Soundcore Life A2 NC: how to pair with smartphone?

To pair the Life A2 NC, simply open the charging base and remove the two earphones. Thus, they connect to each other and are already available in the Bluetooth list.

Ah, this model has simultaneous connection! Therefore, the earphones can be used separately.

Soundcore Life A2 NC: functions

This awesome Soundcore earphone has a customizable app. There, you can change your sound preferences in the equalizer, and you can also change ANC modes.

In addition, the app allows you to switch functions. So, you can replace a function you don’t use with the volume up and down function, for example.

Defaut functions:

– 2 taps right: pause/unpause
– 2 taps left: skip music
– press 2 seconds: ANC modes

Function during a call:

– 2 taps: answer
– press 2 seconds: end/hold

Soundcore Life A2 NC: fixation

Soundcore proved to have built a great sports earphone as the Life A2 NC had a perfect fit, even when tested without the support strap!

So you can relax while running with your earphones on.

Soundcore Life A2 NC: ANC modes

It’s time to know the 3 effective ANC modes of this Soundcore:

“Transport” mode is a mode that cancels out mid-range sounds such as engine noise. So this is the perfect mode to use it while traveling by bus or plane!

The second mode, “Indoor”, is designed to cancel out constant voices and sounds, such as the fan. So, you can use this mode to relax at home while enjoying your music.

The “Outdoor” mode was created to completely cancel any sound. So if you’re in a safe place and want to be sound isolated, this is the perfect mode!

Now you might be wondering: but wasn’t it 5 modes?
Yea! In addition to effective cancellations, Life A2 NC has two modes of transparency.

One of the modes is a voice amplifier that ensures sound quality, so you can chat while listening to your favorite music.

And the second mode lets you hear all the sounds around you, but without losing the musical quality.

All modes did very well in our tests!

Soundcore Life A2 NC: audio test, microphone test and delay test

We opened our tests with the sound quality test, which was done with the standard equalization.

The Life A2 NC has proven to have a good volume level that, while not too loud, is ideal for enjoying your music while preserving your hearing health.

It has a great stereo effect and a very full sound where you feel the beat of the music.
And although the bass is more prominent, all tones are very well defined!

In our delay test, the Life A2 NC showed a slight delay of less than 0.5 seconds. However, this delay was noticed when we tested it on an entry-level smartphone, the Galaxy A01.

Fortunately, when tested on an intermediate smartphone, there was no sound delay.

During the microphone test, Soundcore showed that it really is a complete earphone!

It delivers audio with a good volume level, zero muffling and very little noise. Therefore, this microphone can be used in games and video conferences.

Soundcore Life A2 NC: is it worth it?


The Life A2 NC has a beautiful design, durable and with a great fixation, so it can be used during sports practice.

To ensure a great music experience, it features 5 ANC modes, in addition to having great sound quality.

Besides, it’s a great gaming earphone, as it features zero delay on intermediate smartphones.

Finally, it has a very clear microphone that can be used professionally!

Where to buy?

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