The Redmi Airdots 2 TWS Review!

The Redmi Airdots 2 TWS Review!

Redmi, a former Xiaomi sub-brand and now ’emancipated’, has launched yet another headset, the Redmi Airdots 2. An evolution of the brand’s most popular Bluetooth headset, which promises greater connection stability and more powerful audio. And today, I bring you the review of Airdots 2 that I received and tested recently. Check out:

Redmi Airdots 2: design, construction and battery

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The Redmi Airdots 2 brings a simple, yet practical design, with a matte finish, which prevents scratches and fingerprints, ensuring greater longevity.

At the base, we have a slower charger for micro-USB 2.0, which is a shame. There is also no LED to know the status of the battery, which disappointed me a little.

Inside the box, we found 2 headphones with physical buttons, which is great because it facilitates tactile control. The finish of the headphones is also matte. What pleases me.

Redmi Airdots 2: how to pair with the smartphone?

Simply remove both handsets from the charging cradle and connect via the Bluetooth list in the settings menu.

Redmi Airdots 2: functions

Unfortunately, Redmi Airdots 2 has no advanced functions and is not customizable. You can only pause and unpause music and answer and decline calls.

Redmi Airdots 2: audio test, microphone test and delay test

In the audio quality test, I was able to identify that the Redmi Airdots 2 has a very good audio quality, with a predominance of low tones and a very high volume level, which fortunately does not pop the bass.

In the microphone test, the audio captured by my PC was clear, with a good volume level and without significant noise. What satisfied me.

And in the delay test, I am happy to say that the ‘Gamming Mode’ of Redmi Airdots 2 works very well and there is no audio delay either in games or in videos.

Redmi Airdots 2: is it worth it?

If you don’t care about multifunction, the Redmi Airdots 2 is worth it! It is a headset with good audio quality and microphone, with no delay in games and videos and with a competitive price. Good cost-benefit!

Where to buy?

Redmi Airdots 2 is found in the Chinese online stores below: