The QCY T8 Review

The QCY T8 Review

The QCY T8 is the newest headset from QCY, an alternative to the Apple AirPods. Recently, I received a sample of the T8 and today I present to you the QCY T8 review, the main positive and negative points, to assist you in your decision to buy it. Check out:

QCY T8: design, construction and battery

QCY T8 Review
QCY T8 Review

The QCY T8 has a loading base with a matte finish. Which is great as it prevents scratches and fingerprints, increasing the longevity of the headset.

On the front, there is a button that controls pairing and a notification LED that informs you of the battery status while the headset is being charged.

Inside the base, we find 2 touch-sensitive headphones with a glossy finish. These headphones have IPX4 protection for splashing water. The autonomy of the QCY T8 is 4 hours of continuous music playback, at medium volume.

QCY T8: how to pair with the smartphone?

Pairing the QCY T8 is easy. Just open the charging base and remove the 2 headphones at the same time that both will go into pairing mode and be ready to establish a connection with the smartphone.

QCY T8: functions

The QCY T8 brings full support to the QCY application. This means that we can change the functions and enable, for example, the functions of: moving and rewinding songs, lowering and increasing volumes, etc.

QCY T8: audio test, microphone test and delay test

The first test I did on the QCY T8, was the audio quality test. And in this test, I was able to conclude that the QCY T8 presents good audio quality if we consider the construction. The bass is sharp and powerful and the volume level is high.

Then, I did a microphone test on the QCY T8 and the audio captured by my computer was clear, with a good volume level and without significant noise. I was satisfied.

Finally, I did an audio delay test on the QCY T8. And fortunately, I can say that the QCY T8 has no audio delay in games or videos.

QCY T8: is it worth it?

Yes, it’s really worth it. Especially considering that the vast majority of headphones today costs an average of $ 40. It is a headset with great audio quality, good microphone and Bluetooth stability without delay. I recommend!

Where to buy?

The QCY T8 is found in the Chinese online stores below: