The QCY T18 Review!

The QCY T18 Review!

Are you looking for a compact, powerful and full of surprises earphones? Meet the brand new QCY T18!

The newest QCY bet brings support for the aptX codec, a modern Bluetooth 5.2 and the long-awaited dual pairing.

This all sounds great, but does it actually work?
Find out now in our full review:

QCY T18: design, construction and battery

The QCY T18 has a very thin, yet long, charging base that is designed for easy transport in your trouser pocket.

It features a USB Type-C port for faster and more efficient charging, and it still has a beautiful glossy finish.

Despite being more elegant, this finish is more prone to scratches and fingerprints, and because of this, it may not have as good a durability as a matte finish.

The QCY T18 earphones have a construction more focused on the ear canal, which usually generates good bass gain, and they have an elongated body that guarantees a great autonomy of 7 hours of playback at volume 50% .

And as a bonus, it has IPX4 protection against dust, sweat and water splashes.

QCY T18: how to pair with smartphone?

The QCY T18 brings two surprises in terms of pairing:

The first is that you just open the charging base for the earphones to be available in the Bluetooth list and also in the QCY app.

The second surprise is the double pairing of the QCY T18. That’s right, this model allows you to pair on two devices at the same time.

So, if you use your earphone on your computer and smartphone, you no longer need to connect and disconnect all the time.

QCY T18: functions

The QCY T18 has several functions, including a gamer mode, and is also compatible with the QCY app.

In it, you can choose from several digital signatures to make the audio more to your liking, such as pop, rock, bass, classic and many others.

Plus, it allows you to customize the equalizer, the functions and the amount of ringtones.

So, for example, you can put the volume up and down function on single tap as it doesn’t come by default.

Default Functions:

– 2 taps: pause/unpause
– 3 taps left: virtual assistant
– 3 taps right: gamer mode
– press 2 seconds right: skip music
– press 2 seconds left: back music

Functions during call:

– 2 taps: answer/end
– press 1.5 seconds: ignore

QCY T18: Fixation

Despite having an “unfavorable” design for good grip, the QCY T18 performed very well in our test, demonstrating excellent grip even during the most sudden movements.

And in addition to not having moved a millimeter, it still proved to be a very comfortable earphone, and therefore, it can be used for hours without causing discomfort to the user.

QCY T18: Audio Test, Mic Test and Delay Test

QCY doesn’t usually disappoint in terms of audio, even more if added to the aptX codec.

This codec was created to deliver a sound quality very close to what was recorded in the studio, as long as the earphone is of quality and the smartphone is compatible, of course.

And when putting this union to the test, we were impressed by an extremely high volume level, well-defined tones and super powerful bass.

Of course, the power of the bass will depend on the digital signature you choose, but even so, the tones are very well defined and do not burst when the volume is at the maximum level.

Well, to tell you the truth, the volume level of the QCY T18 is so high that it almost gets squeaky when turned to maximum, so we don’t advise you not to listen to this earphone at full volume.

That way, you’ll still have super high volume and won’t harm your tones or your ears.

And it’s time to find out if Qualcomm’s Bluetooth 5.2 really is unbeatable.

During our delay test done with an entry-level smartphone, the QCY T18 did not show any kind of lag, even during shooting sequences in FPS games.

That means no matter what level your smartphone is, you’ll have a flawless gaming experience with this earphone.

To end our tests, we did the long-awaited microphone test. And here, dear followers, is where QCY has been “skidding” a bit.

Like most previous models, the QCY T18 delivers audio with a great volume level, but relatively muffled and with some noise.

But despite not having the best microphone ever tested here on the channel, we believe that this earphone is good enough for informal conversations, such as calls and online matches.

QCY T18: is it worth it?


QCY has invested more and more in the sound quality of its earphones, and this time was no different.

The QCY T18 delivers an enviable quality and even has an app that allows the user to choose the signature that best suits their musical style.

In addition, this earphone is perfect for the gamer audience, as it delivers zero delay on any smartphone and brings a good microphone for conversation during matches.

Where to buy?

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