QCY T13: Review!

QCY T13: Review!

If you’re looking for great value for money, you can’t miss the amazing QCY T13!

Bringing a modern design, an improved battery and 4 microphones, the T13 promises to unseat the competition. Really?

Discover the new QCY bet for Bluetooth earphones:

QCY T13: design, construction and battery

The QCY T13 features a white charging base that features the brand’s new logo, as well as an elegant glossy finish.

It’s a very large base, but with a flat body, which carries a Type-C USB port for more efficient charging.

Plus, the base has a unique LED that informs the battery’s status with the color change.

And the T13 earphones feature the same finish as the base which, despite being very nice, may not be so good for longevity.

They have an elongated body, ear canal-directed design and a flat head that favors the touch sensitivity.

Unfortunately, we didn’t find an official announcement about water protection, but it’s probably ipx4 against splash and sweat.

Finally, this model has a autonomy of 8 hours of continuous music playback!

QCY T13: fixation

The QCY T13 did very well in our fixation test!

The earphone did not drop, or move, even during the most abrupt movements. Therefore, this earphone has a great fixation, which can mean a bass gain.

QCY T13: how to pair with smartphone?

As it is a model with simultaneous connection, where we can use the earphones separately, just remove them from the charging base to start pairing.

Thus, they connect to each other and are already available in the Bluetooth list for connection.

QCY T13: functions

Although it doesn’t bring the volume up and down functions by default, the T13 supports the full QCY app.

With it, you can customize the equalizer to make the earphone to your musical taste, and it is also possible to replace the default functions.

So, you can change a function that is not used for one that is more useful for you.

As a bonus, it has a Sleep Mode option that prevents accidental touches.

Default Functions:

– 2 taps: pause/unpause
– 3 taps right: Gamer mode
– 3 taps left: virtual assistant
– press right 1.5sc: skip music
– press left 1.5sc: resume music

During a call:

– 2 taps: answer/end
– press 1.5sc: ignore

QCY T13: audio test, microphone test and delay test

I have to be honest and say that I was surprised by the sound quality of the QCY T13!

Taking into account the low price charged by the earphones, the T13 has a great musical quality, as it has very powerful bass and well-defined tones.

What’s more, it has an excellent volume level and doesn’t burst tones when it’s full.

In our microphone test, we had a pleasant surprise with this QCY!
The T13 delivered clean audio, with a good volume level and very little noise.

And to close with a flourish, we did the long awaited delay test and the QCY T13 did very well!

Even running FPS games on an entry-level smartphone, it performed amazingly, as it didn’t show any kind of lag.

That’s why the T13 is perfect for gaming, calling and even video conferencing!

QCY T13: is it worth it?

Yes, this is excellent value for money!

The QCY T13 is one of the best earphones ever tested on the channel, especially considering its value.

This earphone features a great stereo effect, a well above average battery and a surprisingly good microphone.

Also, it performed very well in very heavy games and did not show any lag.

Anyway, you won’t regret investing in T13!

Where to buy?

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