The QCY T11: Review

The QCY T11: Review

QCY T11, the newest Bluetooth earphone inspired by the Apple AirPods Pro has just arrived!

It promises to be a great cost-benefit for having a different design, carrying a built-in Gamer mode, and even having four microphones. Therefore, they guarantee that it has a great stereo effect, in addition to being a good earphone for games and conversation. Really?

Find out now if the QCY T11 really delivers on its promises:

QCY T11: design, construction and battery

The QCY T11 comes with a very beautiful charging base, which is finished in a elegant black piano finish. Unfortunately, we know that the glossy finish is not very good for the durability of the product.

It is a very compact charging base, which makes it much easier because it is easier to carry. In addition, it has LEDs that inform the status of the battery on its front.

The charging of the base is very fast and effective, as it is done via USB Type-C .

On the earphones, the QCY T11 features earphones undeniably inspired by the Apple AirPods.

They are semi-long and very light earphones, which have the base of the head in matte and the body with a shiny finish.

Furthermore, its construction is directed towards the ear canal, which promises to generate fuller bass and a great stereo effect.

It even carries a 3.5 hours range of continuous music playback. This number could be better, but it is justified because it is a very compact earphone.

There are no official announcements about the water resistance protection of the earphones. However, I believe it has IPX4 protection against splashing water.

QCY T11: fixation

Due to its shape directed to the ear canal, the QCY T11 presents an excellent fixation and does not fall from the ear, even with more sudden movements.

Obviously, the sealing of the earphones will depend on the correct choice of the size of the rubber.

QCY T11: how to pair with the smartphone?

To pair the QCY T11, just open the charging base and they will already appear in the Bluetooth list.

So, just confirm the connection.

QCY T11: functions

The QCY T11 has a very responsive touch sensitivity, in addition to having an app where we can modify the functions and their orders. In addition, the app allows us to modify the equalizations and our preferences of musical tones!

Default functions:

– 2 taps: pause/unpause
– 3 taps right: Gamer mode
– press 1.5s right: skip music
– press 1.5s left: resume music

QCY T11: audio test, microphone test and delay test

And the QCY T11 really fulfilled its first promise, as it has a very powerful and full-bodied sound. In addition to perfect bass, all other tones are present and we can distinguish musical instruments.

Therefore, the earphone has an impeccable stereo effect, with a very high volume level, incredible bass and very well defined tones. Therefore, it will please even the most demanding with its sound quality.

The QCY T11 also promises to be a good Gamer earphone, as it features a built-in Gamer mode.

In our test with the Galaxy A01, it presented a slight delay of 0.5s , which was already expected, as it is a very basic smartphone. Fortunately, when tested on an intermediate smartphone, the sound feedback was simultaneous, without showing any delay!

On the promise of having great audio, as it contains four microphones, the QCY T11 was pleased to capture clean, high-volume audio.

Despite having some noises, the audio is satisfactory, since it is not too muffled and does not have hisses.

QCY T11: is it worth it?

Yes, it is a good investment.

The QCY T11 has a great stereo effect, as it has very well defined tones, in addition to bass that do not burst even at maximum volume. So it is a great earphone for all musical styles.

Despite not being a game-oriented earphone, it performed well, as it had a very subtle delay on a very basic smartphone.

It is worth remembering that, when the delay is so subtle, it is usually only noticed in FPS games.

Finally, despite not having a perfect microphone, the QCY T11 is suitable even for professional use in video lessons or videoconferences.

Where to buy?

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