The QCY HT01 Review!

The QCY HT01 Review!

The QCY HT01 arrived with technology! The earphone features hybrid noise cancellation, artificial / sensory intelligence, wireless charging and more!

Find out all about it with our audio and microphone quality analysis, in addition to the delay test!

QCY HT01: design, construction and battery

QCY really wanted to make a very different earphone …

The HT01 has a very beautiful charging base. It has two LED lights that inform the battery status and help to remember to charge our earphones.

In addition, the base comes with a beautiful matte finish and metal details. This set of care guarantees more durability to the product.

Charging the base can be done in two ways: by USB Type-C input or by Wireless charging.

Yea! We can charge our earphones simply by positioning the base on the wireless charger!

Once loaded, the earphones reach the great 6hrs mark of continuous music playback!

This number is reached at the average volume and without activating the noise canceling modes.

With ANC active, the autonomy reaches 4hrs of continuous music.

The QCY HT01 also has IPX4 protection against water, which is not a very advanced protection, but guarantees coverage in case of accidental splashing.

QCY HT01: how to pair with the smartphone?

The QCY HT01 has very simple pairing.

To pair the earphones you don’t even have to remove them from the charging base. Once opened, the earphones are already available in the Bluetooth list and just confirm the connection.

QCY HT01: functions

The HT01 has a very updated app and can be configured to accept several functions.

With it, we can play / rewind / pause / unpause songs, answer / refuse calls and access our virtual assistant. In addition, we can activate the Gamer mode and the noise cancellation modes.

QCY HT01: audio test, delay test and microphone test

In the test of audio quality, the HT01 beat many competitors.

The earphone has a great volume level and a very clean stereo sound.

It doesn’t blow out the bass and is able to bring out all the tones and instruments in the music, even at maximum volume.

To increase this experience, QCY delivers exclusive technology for hybrid noise cancellation! With it, we have two modes of noise cancellation: indoor and outdoor .

In the test, the indoor mode proved to be very efficient in hiding all the sounds of the environment.

So, if you’re at home and want to relax without interference from outside noises, just activate the mode and immerse yourself in the music!

The outdoor mode was created with the user’s security in mind. With this mode, external noises are muffled, but not completely silenced.

The outdoor mode should be used when we are on the street and we need to hear the sounds of cars, such as when riding a bicycle, for example.

The earphones also have artificial intelligence!
When removed from the ears, the music pauses on its own! If replaced within 15 seconds, it resumes music exactly where it left off.

The combination of noise cancellations, with the quality and intelligence of the QCY HT01, generates a very immersive experience for lovers of any musical style!

About delay …
With Gamer mode enabled, the QCY HT01 showed no audio delay, even on a very basic intermediate smartphone. The test showed that the Gamer mode is really quite efficient, because in this category of smartphone there is a common delay.

In the microphone test, the HT01 proved to be of excellent quality and can be used for leisure or work.
The model revealed to have a clean audio, with good volume, and without presenting much muffling or noise.

QCY HT01: is it worth it?

Despite having a higher cost, the HT01 proved to be a much superior earphone.

It brings the ease of wireless charging coupled with great design and resistance.

Regarding sound quality, it beats many competitors with the two noise cancellation modes that work very well.

For those looking for a unique earphone experience, this is a good investment!

Where to buy?

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