The QCY HT01: Review

The QCY HT01: Review

The QCY HT01 arrived with technology! This earphone features hybrid noise cancellation, artificial / sensory intelligence, wireless charging and more!

Discover all the qualities of the incredible QCY HT01:

QCY HT01: design, construction and battery

QCY really wanted to make a very different earphone!
The HT01 has a beautiful loading base that has a great matte finish with metal details. This set of care guarantees more durability to the earphones!

In addition, the base has two LEDs that inform the battery status. So, we don’t forget when to load it!

Speaking of charging, the model features a USB Type-C port for faster charging, in addition to being able to be charged via Wireless!
Yea! We can charge our earphones just by positioning the base on a wireless charger!

And to be an even more complete earphone, the QCY HT01 achieves the incredible autonomy of 6hrs of continuous music playback. Even with the ANC mode active, the autonomy reaches 4hrs!

The model also has IPX4 protection against splashing water.

QCY HT01: how to pair with the smartphone?

The QCY HT01 has very simple pairing.

To pair, simply open the charging base. Thus, the earphones are already available in the Bluetooth list and just confirm the connection.

QCY HT01: functions

HT01 has a very up-to-date app that can be configured to accept several functions.

With it, we were able to skip/resume, pause/unpause songs, answer/refuse calls and access our virtual assistant. In addition, we can activate the Gamer mode and also the two noise cancellation modes.

QCY HT01: audio test, delay test and microphone test

In the audio quality test, the HT01 beat many competitors! The earphone has a great stereo effect, in addition to a very high volume that does not burst the tones, even when it is at maximum.

And to further enhance that experience, the QCY HT01 carries hybrid noise cancellation technology!

The indoor mode is used to “turn off” the sounds of the environment, providing a very immersive experience.
In the test, this mode proved to be very efficient, in addition to further improving the musical quality. So, if you are at home and want to relax without interference from outside noises, just activate the mode and immerse yourself in the music!

The outdoor mode was designed for the security of the user. With it, all external noises are muffled, but not completely silenced. Thus, we are safer when listening to music on the street, because we can hear the noise of cars and other people.

As a technology bonus, these earphones also feature artificial intelligence!
If we remove the earpgone while listening to music, to hear a question for example, it pauses alone. If the earphones are replaced within 15 seconds, the music returns!

The combination of ANC modes with the great sound quality and intelligence of the QCY HT01, generate a very rich and immersive experience!

In our delay test with Gamer mode enabled, the QCY HT01 showed no audio delay, even on a basic intermediate smartphone. Therefore, the Gamer mode is really quite efficient, since in this category of smartphone it is common to experience delays.

In the microphone test, the HT01 proved to be of good quality! It revealed to have a clean audio with a good volume, in addition to not having much muffling or noise.
So, this is a good earphone for games, calls and video lessons.

QCY HT01: is it worth it?

Despite having a higher cost, the HT01 proved to be a much superior earphone.
It brings the ease of wireless charging coupled with great design and strength.

Regarding sound quality, it beats many competitors with its noise cancellation modes that work very well.
It is also a good earphone for those looking to play without delay, or even for those who need an audible microphone for video lessons.

Anyway, if you are looking for a great experience in earphones, this is a good investment!

Where to buy?

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