The QCY G1 Review!

The QCY G1 Review!

And it’s time to meet the newest bet for the gamer audience of QCY, the QCY G1!

This amazing gamer earphone features a super stylish design, Bluetooth 5.2, and 4 microphones that promise crystal-clear conversation. Will be?

Find out in our full review!

QCY G1: design, construction and battery

We open our review by talking about this stylish charging base!

The QCY G1 features a charger base in a beautiful silver color that has an excellent matte finish, which guarantees greater durability to the product.

And to give a more gamer touch to the construction, this base still features a stylish blue LED.
In addition, it also has a USB Type-C port for faster charging.

When opening the charging base, we find two beautiful earphones in silver color that have a great matte finish, in addition to also bringing a blue LED to guarantee the look.

They are two very stylish earphones that feature an elongated body and a construction aimed at the ear canal, which normally guarantees powerful bass.

And for having a larger construction, the QCY G1 guarantees an autonomy of 8 hours of continuous music playback, and even reaches 6 hours of use in game mode!

Finally, this stylish gamer earphone comes with ipx4 protection against splashes of water and sweat.

QCY G1: how to pair with smartphone?

The QCY G1 has a very different pairing, but very easy!

Just point the camera at the QR Code of the manual and it downloads and installs the app by itself.

Then, just open the charging base and the earphones automatically pair. And then, just confirm the connection!

QCY G1: Functions

The QCY G1 is a super complete gamer earphone that is supported by the amazing QCY app!

In it, you can customize the equalizer to leave the phone with your musical taste and you can even replace a function you don’t use with another that is more useful!

Default Functions:

– 2 taps: pause/unpause
– right press 1.5s: skip the song
– left press 1.5s: return to music
– 3 taps left: virtual assistant
– 3 taps right: gamer mode

During a call:

– 2 taps: answer/end
– press 1.5 seconds: ignore

QCY G1: Fixation

Despite being relatively large, the QCY G1 did very well in our fixation test!

In this test, we simulated high-impact exercises while making sudden head movements, and even then, this earphone remained very fixed and super well molded to the ears.

QCY G1: Audio Test, Microphone Test and Delay Test

We opened our tests talking about this amazing sound quality!

Unlike most gamers earphones that tend to focus only on games, the QCY G1 delivers a very immersive sound quality.

It has an excellent volume level, very well defined tones and powerful bass. So we can feel the beat of the music!

And in addition to the tones not being blown when the volume is at maximum, the QCY G1 still delivers an incredible surround effect, which ensures immersion in music and helps during matches.

In the microphone test it didn’t do so well, but it wasn’t a disappointment either!

Despite bringing 4 enhanced microphones the QCY G1 delivers relatively muffled audio.

The good news is that it has a good volume level and is low noise, making it a very clear microphone for online calls and games.

And we close our review with the long-awaited delay test!

To put this Bluetooth 5.2 to the test, we run FPS games on an entry-level smartphone.

And even being tested on a smartphone with super simple hardware, the QCY G1 showed no no delay!

Throughout our test, it delivered a very synchronized sonic feedback and, in conjunction with the surround effect, still showed exactly the location of enemy footsteps.

So, if you have a more advanced smartphone, you will have a flawless gamer experience!

QCY G1: is it worth it?


Even being a gamer earphone, the QCY G1 delivers impeccable sound quality with powerful bass and an excellent volume level.

Plus, it guarantees zero delay on smartphones of any level, in addition to having an excellent surround effect during games.

Finally, these may not be perfect microphones, but they are clear enough for phone calls and online gamer.

Where to buy?

The QCY G1 is found in the online stores below:

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