The Pamu Z1 Review

The Pamu Z1 Review

Meet the mighty Pamu Z1, Padmate’s newest little giant!

Combining a noise canceling mode, an advanced Bluetooth 5.2, and an Ultra Latency mode, the Pamu Z1 promises to deliver an audiovisual experience that the competition will envy!

Discover now everything that this little earphone has to offer:

Pamu Z1: design, construction and battery

We couldn’t start our review any other way than talking about this stylish design.

The Pamu Z1 has a very compact charging base that has an excellent matte finish, so it’s easier to transport and even less prone to scratches and fingerprints.

In addition, the base features a USB Type-C input for faster charging and even supports wireless charging!

The Pamu Z1 earphones follow the same idea of ​​practicality, so they have a super compact construction and a bicolor design that has a great matte finish.

This beautiful earphone has a construction aimed at the ear canal, which can mean good bass gain.

And despite having a very compact body, the Pamu Z1 achieves an incredible 6.5 hours of continuous music playback, with the ANC on!

As a bonus, it also has ipx4 protection against water splashes and sweat.

Pamu Z1: how to pair with smartphone?

The Pamu Z1 has automatic simultaneous connection, that is, the earphones work independently and connect automatically.

Therefore, just remove the earpieces from the base (at the same time or not) and they connect to each other and are already available in the Bluetooth list.

Pamu Z1: Functions

In addition to all the qualities that this earphone has, Padmate also offers a super complete application for personalizing the Pamu Z1.

In it you can: activate and deactivate the ANC; Update Firmware; enable Ultra Latency mode; and you can even choose between several digital signatures to make the sound quality to your liking.

Default Functions:

– 1 tap: pause/unpause
– 2 taps right: skip the song
– 2 taps left: tap again
– press 2 seconds: virtual assistant

Function during call:

– 1 touch: answer/end
– 2 taps: ignore

Pamu Z1: Noise Canceling Modes(ANC)

Now, let’s get to know the Pamu Z1’s Noise Canceling Modes (ANC)!

Transparency mode was created to amplify external sounds such as car horns and people’s voices.

Thus, it creates a safer experience for those who listen to music while riding a bike, for example, but without spoiling the musical quality.

The effective cancellation mode is used to cancel all the sounds of an environment and thus deliver a very immersive musical experience.

And we were very happy to see that both modes work perfectly!

Pamu Z1: Audio Test, Mic Test and Delay Test

In our sound quality test we were amazed at the loudness of the Pamu Z1’s volume!

This little earphone is so loud that we had to turn the volume down to proceed with the test.
But don’t worry, even though it’s stupidly loud, the Pamu Z1 doesn’t blow any of the tones!

By the way, all the tones are very well defined, and the bass is super powerful.

So this is an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys the beat of music!

Now it’s time to find out if the union of Bluetooth 5.2 with Ultra Latency delivers what it promises!

In our delay test, we ran Call of Duty on an entry-level smartphone to find out if this chipset set could do the trick.

And didn’t it?

Yes, even running FPS games on a smartphone with extremely simple hardware, we didn’t experience any kind of delay.

That is, regardless of your smartphone, this is an excellent gamer partner!

And to close with a flourish, we did the long-awaited microphone test!

Well, here was the only place where the Pamu Z1 left something to be desired, but just a little, sok?

It delivered an audio with a great volume level and few noises, however, the microphone seems to be a little muffled.

Attention: this is not a bad microphone, but due to the quality of this earphone, we expected a little more!

Pamu Z1: is it worth it?

Yes, it’s worth it!

The Pamu Z1 has a stylish and quality design that brings very functional technologies, such as wireless charging and simultaneous transmission.

This small earpiece still offers excellent autonomy and two great ANC modes.

In addition, it delivers impeccable sound quality, with very powerful bass and a volume level to be envied.

And for gamers, Padmate has created a earphone that doesn’t have any kind of delay, even when used on an entry-level smartphone!

Finally, the Pamu Z1 carries a good microphone that can be used for games and video lessons.

Where to buy?

The Pamu Z1 is found in the virtual stores below:
Official Padmate store
Discount coupon: COMPRAS

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