The Pamu Quiet Mini: Review

The Pamu Quiet Mini: Review

Meet the stylish Pamu Quiet Mini, the first Padmate earphone tested here on the channel!

Combined with an exclusive design, Pamu promises great autonomy and incredible sound quality. In addition, Padmate guarantees a stable Bluetooth and a clean audio microphone. Really?

Find out if this earphone is as good as people say!

Pamu Quiet Mini: design, construction and battery

And Pamu starts to attract our attention to his beautiful baby blue design.
It features a large matte-finished loader base, which guarantees less marks and scratches.

The base has a Type-C USB port for faster charging, and even supports functional wireless charging!

The earphones bring the elegant logo of the brand and have a resistant matte finish.
They have a more elongated design and are directed towards the ear canal.

This more elongated body carries two differentials of this model:

The Quiet mini achieves the optimum autonomy of 5 hours of music playback, at maximum volume!
The earphones also offer simultaneous transmission, that is, they work independently.

Regarding water resistance, the Quiet Mini has Ipx4 protection against splashes and sweat.

Pamu Quiet Mini: how to pair with the smartphone?

As they act independently, but simultaneously, just remove the earphones from the base that they are already available for pairing. Then, just confirm the connection in the Bluetooth list.

Pamu Quiet Mini: functions

Despite bringing a very complete earphone, Padmate offers a great application that allows the configuration of the default functions of the Quiet Mini.

To make the functions the way you prefer, just download the app from the Play Store or Apple Store. With it, you can even add the functions of increasing and reducing the volume!

Default functions:

– 1 tap: pause/unpause
– 2 taps left: resume music
– 2 taps right: skip music
– press right: ANC modes
– press left: virtual assistant

During a call:

– 1 tap: answer
– 2 taps: refuse

Pamu Quiet Mini: Noise cancellation modes (ANC)

Now, let’s get to know Pamu Quiet Mini’s noise cancellation (ANC) modes!

The first ANC mode, Indoor, serves to camouflage all the sounds in an environment. Thus, it generates a very immersive musical experience. So, as soon as the mode was activated, the noise of the ceiling fan disappeared completely!

The Transparent mode, on the other hand, is a mode created to amplify external noises, such as car horns and people’s voices, but without damaging the musical quality.
With that, we can listen to our music and still hear the sounds that are important.

Pamu Quiet Mini: audio test, microphone test and delay test

In our audio test, the Quiet Mini delivered great sound quality! It has a full-bodied sound and very well defined tones.
In addition, it has a good volume level, which guarantees a great stereo effect!

And to find out if the earphone delivers all the promised stability, we did our delay test using a very basic smartphone, the Galaxy A01.

Fortunately, we can say that Bluetooth 5.2 really guarantees a great gaming experience. In the test, the earphone did not show any delay, even during the FPS games!

In the awaited microphone test, the Pamu Quiet Mini demonstrated that it is a complete earphone!
The microphone has an excellent volume level, in addition to capturing clean audio, without noise or hissing.

Pamu Quiet Mini: is it worth it?

Yes, it is!

The Quiet Mini has an elegant design that brings very functional technologies, such as wireless charging and simultaneous transmission.

It offers great sound quality and very powerful bass. And this musical experience is even more immersive when we activate ANC modes.

For Gamers, Padmate delivers a earphone with incredible stability, which does not have a delay even when used on entry-level smartphones!

Finally, it carries a perfect microphone to be used in games, video lessons or video conferences.

Where to buy?

The Pamu Quiet Mini is found in the online stores below:
Padmate’s oficial store

Check out this review also on the YouTube channel