The Huilian A900 TWS Review!

The Huilian A900 TWS Review!

And after many, many, many requests, it’s time for us to test the hottest AirPods 3 replica of the moment: the incredible Huilian A900 TWS!

This low-cost earphone promises an improved battery, excellent sound quality, and still guarantees that it is a good alternative for gamers. Will be?

Find out the whole truth in our full review:

Huilian A900 TWS: design, construction and battery

And the Huilian A900 TWS is already starting to fulfill its promise of quality by bringing a differentiated charging base that has a great magnetic resource.

Also, this replica comes with a charging via light input, which is Apple’s official charge.

But if you don’t want to invest in a light charger, no problem, as the Huilian A900 TWS has wireless charging support that works great!

And we were pleasantly surprised to find earbuds with a quality construction and a design identical to the AirPods 3.

They are very beautiful earphones that have an elongated body and a head facing the ear canal, which usually guarantees good bass gain.

And to unseat its competitors, the Huilian A900 TWS still has a proximity sensor that pauses and unpauses the music when it is removed and replaced in the ears.

However, unfortunately, the brand did not disclose whether this model has protection for water resistance.

Incidentally, they also did not disclose the autonomy of the earphones, but it delivered 5 hours of continuous music playback during the test with the volume at 70%.

Huilian A900 TWS: how to pair with smartphone?

As it is a earphone made for Apple products, the pairing is a little different for those who have an Android, but everything is well explained in the manual.

To pair on Android, just open the base, without removing the earphones, and press the button on the back for 2 seconds. Thus, the earphones are visible in the Bluetooth list and just confirm the connection.

Ah, another differential of this replica is that it has automatic connection. So, even if you keep one of the earbuds in the base, the other one still works!

Huilian A900 TWS: Functions

Default Functions

– 1 tap: pause/unpause
– 2 taps: skip music
– 3 taps: back music
– press 2 seconds: change ANC

Huilian A900 TWS: fit test

Another pleasant surprise was the result of our fit test, as the Huilian A900 TWS remained very well shaped even during the most sudden movements.

And as if that wasn’t enough, it still proved to be a very comfortable earphone for prolonged use!

Huilian A900 TWS: Audio Test, Microphone Test and Delay Test

And the moment of truth has arrived! Does this replica match the sound quality of the AirPods 3?

Yeah, folks… it might not be a perfect copy in that sense, but it surprised us!

In our test, the Huilian A900 TWS had an extremely high volume level and very powerful bass. In fact, it’s too much!

The problem here is that, despite having a stereo effect with well-defined tones, the bass stands out and can become strident in some musical styles.

In addition, this combination of bass with a volume that is too high, can cause damage to the ear canal.

But if you leave the volume up to 70%, this earphone delivers great musical quality for anyone who likes to feel the beat of music!

And now let’s find out if the Huilian A900 TWS can also be an alternative for gamers!

In our delay test done with an entry-level smartphone, it delivered a sound delay of around 0.5 seconds that was quite noticeable during the shooting sequences.

Well, this may not have been a perfect result, but it was to be expected from a Bluetooth 5.0.

And we close our tests with the amazing microphone test!

Yes folks… this is where the Huilian A900 TWS stood out, as it proved to have far superior microphones to competitors in the same category.

It delivers audio with a great volume level, zero muffling and very little interference.

So, amazingly, this earphone is suitable even for those who do video conferences!

Huilian A900 TWS: is it worth it?

If you’re looking for a replica that’s really worth it, invest in the Huilian A900 TWS!

This cheaper version of the AirPods 3 brings a super faithful construction and great quality for a much cheaper price.

In addition to being very beautiful, this earphone has a magnetic feature, wireless charging and a proximity sensor that work very well.

It also delivers excellent sound quality in different musical styles, with the exception of the volume level, of course.

And despite not having a perfect sound return, we believe that the delay is barely noticeable on more advanced smartphones, especially if they are not FPS games.

Finally, the Huilian A900 TWS crushed the competition by delivering microphones far superior to those of some famous brand earphones!

Where to buy?

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