The Haylou T16: Review

The Haylou T16: Review

And I present you the newest Haylou launch, the incredible T16! A earphone that promises a highly immersive experience with its 4 ANC modes!

Haylou also guarantees musical quality and an advanced Bluetooth, in addition to a great microphone.
The description is tempting, but is it really that the Haylou T16 is a perfect earphone?

Find it out!

Haylou T16: design, construction and battery

The first thing that stands out about the T16 is its large and beautiful loader base.
It has a matte finish, which ensures greater longevity with less risk.

The base has only one LED that changes color to inform us of the battery status.

For charging, the base features a Type-C USB port and also features wireless technology!

The earphones of the T16 bear the elegant logo of the brand, and still have a great matte finish.

They carry the traditional “bean” format of Haylou earphones. However, this model has a much more “plump” body.

All this extra size has a great explanation …
The Haylou T16 achieves an incredible 8 hours of autonomy!

Of course, this mark is possible with the ANC modes turned off. If they are active, the battery is capable of offering 6 hours of continuous music playback, which is a great number.

On water resistance, the Haylou T16 has strong Ipx5 protection for targeted jets!

Haylou T16: how to pair with the smartphone?

To pair the Haylou T16 just remove the two earphones at the same time. Thus, they connect to each other and are available in the Bluetooth list.

So, just confirm the connection!

Haylou T16: functions

This new Haylou model has all the functions we would like, in addition to having a very complete app where we can edit the functions.
With the Haylou Fun app, you can change the ringtones and functions of the earphones.

The app also allows us to have access to the four noise canceling modes, as the earphones give access to only three modes.

Therefore, I advise all users to download the app to have a more complete experience!

Default functions:

– 1 tap: pause/unpause
– 2 taps right: skip music
– 2 taps left: ANC modes
– 3 taps left: gamer mode
– press 1.5s: virtual assistant

Haylou T16: fixation

During the fixation test, the Haylou T16 did not fall out of his ears, which is very important for us to have confidence in using the earphones while exercising.

In addition, a very fixed earphone contributes to good sound quality!

Haylou T16: Noise cancellation modes (ANC)

And it’s time to learn about the Haylou T16’s noise cancellation(ANC) modes!

The Off mode is the immersive ANC mode that does not alter any external noise.

The second cancellation mode, Indoor , is a mode designed to erase all sounds from a closed environment, which creates a more immersive musical experience. As soon as I activated it, all the noises in the room, as well as the ceiling fan, simply disappeared!

Outdoor , on the other hand, is a mode created to cancel a specific noise, that of wind . So, it is very useful for those who practice physical activities on the street, especially for those who run or ride a bicycle.

And for those who play sports outside a safe place, or like to use their earphones while driving, there is the Transparent mode. This mode amplifies external noises, such as horns and people’s voices. Thus, we can listen to our music without it hiding important sounds.

It is worth mentioning that all modes have been tested and work very well!

Haylou T16: audio test, microphone test and delay test

In the test of sound quality, the T16 surprised with its great stereo effect!
Despite having more prominent bass, all tones are present and have a lot of quality.

In addition, the earphone has a great volume level that does not burst.

And in the delay test, we were again surprised by Haylou T16!

Its Bluetooth proved to be very advanced because the phone did not experience any delay, even during a FPS game. The most amazing thing is that the test was done on a very basic smartphone, the Galaxy A01.

Finally, in our long-awaited microphone test, the Haylou T16 proved to be a perfect earphone!

It transmits impeccably clean audio, without noise or hissing. The microphone still has a good volume level, and can even be used professionally!

Haylou T16: is it worth it?

It is very worth it!

The Haylou T16 has an elegant and functional design. In addition, it can be charged wirelessly, proving to be a complete earphone.

It carries impeccable sound quality with very powerful bass. And that experience gets even richer with its 4 ANC modes that work perfectly!

And for the players on duty, I’m happy to say that the T16 does not have any delay, even on entry-level smartphones! As a bonus, the earphone carries a great, audible microphone that is perfect for games, video lessons and video conferences.

Anyway, it’s a complete earphone!

Where to buy?

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