The Haylou GT5: Review

The Haylou GT5: Review

And Haylou finally launches a Gamer earphone, the Haylou GT5!
With the promise of low latency in games, this earphone promises to be a great investment.

Find out now if it really is worth the cost-benefit!

Haylou GT5: design, construction and battery

With a totally different design from other Haylou earphones, the GT5 is already making a good impression!

It brings a slightly larger loader base, but at the same time thinner, which generates greater mobility if it is in the user’s pocket.

The charging base has a matte black finish, which brings greater durability, since there is less propensity for scratches and fingerprints.

The charging of the base is done by USB Type-C , which makes it a much faster charging, especially for those using an intelligent type charger.

In addition, loading can also be done wirelessly! This really is a differential of the GT5.

The GT5 earphones have the famous “bean format” and have a matte finish.

They are very small and very light earphones. Its compact format favors people who have different types of ear canal, and can even be used by older children.

The autonomy of the earphones is up to 4hrs of music playback, with average volume.

This number could be much better, since it is a Gamer earphone, but the autonomy is justified because it is a very compact earphone.

Regarding water resistance, there are no official announcements of the existing protection on the earphones. However, Haylou always adds this resource, which makes us believe that there is at least IPX4 protection for light splashes of water.

Haylou GT5: fixation

The bean shape of the earphones favors good fixation and a perfect fit in the ears.

In the fixation test, the GT5 remained completely fixed, with an excellent seal.

Haylou GT5: how to pair with the smartphone?

The Haylou GT5 has very easy pairing.

As soon as the earphones are removed from the charging base, they are already available on the Bluetooth list for pairing. And then, just confirm the connection.

Haylou GT5: functions

The Haylou GT5 has a very responsive touch sensitivity.

With it, we can play/resume/pause/unpause songs, answer and refuse calls and access our virtual assistant.

As usual, the GT5 also does not have the function of increasing and reducing volume. However, as a bonus, it carries a function to pause the music as soon as it is removed from the ears!

Haylou GT5: audio test, microphone test and delay test

In the audio test, the Haylou GT5 delivered great tones, which do not burst even at maximum!

The earphone has an incredible stereo sound, with a great volume level, perfect bass and very well defined tones.

As with other Haylou earphones, the bass is more prominent, but all other tones are present and are heard separately.

In our microphone test, the Haylou GT5 proved to have a loud and squeaky audio, but still a little muffled.

It brings good noise cancellation, even so, it is not very suitable for video classes and videoconferences.

For the delay test, it was enough to tap the earphone three times and it activated the low latency Gamer mode.

Even though it was a game-oriented earphone, a slight delay of around 0.5s was noticeable. But, as we did the test on a very basic intermediate smartphone, the Haylou GT5 surprised by having a very subtle delay!

Haylou GT5: is it worth it?

Yeah, it is worth it!

The Haylou GT5 has a great stereo effect, with well-defined tones and bass that don’t burn. With that, it becomes a great earphone for those who like different musical styles.

Although it does not have a perfect microphone for videoconferencing, it is very audible on calls.

Even with a very subtle delay, in FPS games and in a basic intermediate smartphone, the Haylou GT5 proved to be a great Gamer earphone.

After all, we expected a much longer delay in the test!

Where to buy?

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