The Haylou GST Review!

The Haylou GST Review!

And it’s time to do a super complete review of Haylou’s new smartwatch bet, the elegant Haylou GST!

Does this beautiful smartwatch bring all the functions we are looking for?

Find out now in our full review:

Haylou GST: Design and Construction

And we open our review by talking about the super stylish design of the Haylou GST!

This discreet smartwatch features a “clean” design that can be worn with any type of clothing.

It features a large rectangular screen with rounded edges and a beautiful, high-quality silicone strap.

On the side of this construction, we have a button that controls the smartwatch functions.

And at the bottom, we have the charging contacts and monitoring sensors.

In addition, on the bottom we also have a system that allows you to change the strap, in case you want to change the color or even put a personalized strap.

It is important to mention that the entire construction of the Haylou GST was designed to create a very light watch and ensure the wearer’s comfort, so it only weighs 42g.

And as a bonus, this beautiful smartwatch has excellent water protection by ip68, which ensures that it is protected from dust and more targeted jets of water.

Haylou GST: Screen and Battery

And let’s talk about screen and autonomy, because they are directly linked!

Haylou GST features a large curved 1.69″ display that has a good sharpness ratio.

In addition to being gigantic, this screen has a great usability rate, as it does not have very considerable edges.

And we put the Haylou GST’s battery to the test to find out exactly how long you can count on this smartwatch and, believe me, it delivered a battery life of no less than10 days!

Oh, our test was done with all features enabled and with the brightness set to 50%, which is enough for a good view and helps with battery life.

So we believe that if you use it more moderately, you can get up to 20 days!

Haylou GST: Functions

The Haylou GST brings pretty much all the functions we look for in a smartwatch, with the exception of the “Drink water” reminder, but this is not such a common function.

As a differential, it brings full-time heart rate control, and also manually controls blood oxygenation, which is very important for risk groups.

Plus, it brings a breathing exercise and has a sport function that brings 12 activities that we do in our daily lives, such as cycling and running.

And to let us know if we’re sleeping well enough, the Haylou GST even has an average sleep control function.

In addition to the health functions, we have weather information, timer, stopwatch… In short, all the basic functions of a good smartwatch.

But, to unseat the competitors, Haylou GST gives us a music player with volume control and even has a function to find your smartphone!

Haylou GST: App

Haylou GST has a super complete and very friendly application that brings the smartwatch settings and also shows some much more detailed functions.

In it, we can program and see in detail our daily goal, in addition to having access to a history that shows the last week, month and year of our activities.

So we can see how many steps we’ve taken, how many kilometers we’ve covered, and we can even calculate how many calories we burn!

Plus, it has charts of sleep control, heart rate and blood oxygenation.

In the app, we can also register a list of applications that can send us notifications and we can still choose between different displays to customize the screen.

Anyway, it is a very complete application that allows us to leave our smartwatch as we want!

Where to buy?

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