The ElePods S: Review

The ElePods S: Review

The ElePods S is the first earphone from Elephone tested here, and promises to please by combining quality with low value.

Is it really great value for money?

Find out all about the very cheap ElePods S:

ElePods S: design, construction and battery

The first detail that draws attention to ElePods S is its color, which is quite different.

The charging base comes in a beautiful aqua green tone, which makes it a earphone that appeals to all types of people.

Its finish is very elegant, being finished in glossy . Unfortunately, when the finish is done in brilliant, there is more propensity for scratches and fingerprints.

The charging of ElePods S is done via USB Type-C , which generates a much faster charging, especially for those using an intelligent charger.

In addition, the base has a compact design that has 4 LEDs that inform the battery status.

It is quite noticeable that ElePods S earphones were designed to attract attention.

The earphone comes with a metallized green finish on the “head” part, and has the same water-green hue as the base on the rest of the body.

Fortunately, the finish of the earphones body is made in matte , which guarantees a longer service life.

Even with a very compact construction, ElePods S has a good autonomy of 4hrs of continuous music playback, at medium volume.

Another big surprise for ElePods S is the great water resistance protection it carries.

It comes with Ipx5 protection! So, your earphones are protected even if they get more heavy rain!

ElePods S: how to pair with the smartphone?

To pair the ElePods S, simply remove the two earphones from the charging cradle at the same time .

Thus, the earphones connect to each other and are already available in the Bluetooth list.
So, just confirm the connection.

ElePods S: fixation

The “bean” format guarantees an excellent fixation to the earphones.

They adhere very well to the ear canal and do not fall even with more sudden movements.

ElePods S: functions

One curiosity I had about this earphone would be about its sensitivity to touch, as it has a more oval head.

Because of the format, the earphone does not have a very responsive sensitivity, but nothing that prevents it from being used.


2 taps: pause/unpause
3 taps: virtual assistant
press 2s left: resume music
press 2s right: skip music

ElePods has a built-in Gamer mode, which does not need to be activated with taps!

ElePods S: audio test, microphone test and delay test

Unfortunately, ElePods S showed that its low value ended up being reflected in its sound quality.

It proved to be a earphone more focused on the highs, which when it is set at high volume, transmits an alarmingly high-pitched sound.

However, if heard at a medium volume level, the tones are more balanced .

Therefore, you cannot consider it to be a very bad quality, but I do not recommend it for those who like loud music.

Despite the low value, manufacturers promise that ElePods S has low latency in games because it has a built-in Gamer mode. Is it true?

Well, in our delay test, ElePods S did not experience any sound delay when tested on an advanced intermediate smartphone, the Pixel 4a.

To check if it really has quality, we tested it on a entry smartphone , the Galaxy A01.

Surprisingly, it didn’t experience any delays, even on this basic smartphone!

So, it really carries advanced gaming technology.

To see if it is a worthwhile eraphone, at least in terms of games, we needed to know if it has a good microphone for conversation.

In the microphone test, the earphone showed to have a good volume level, being audible for those who are in a match.

Unfortunately, the sound has some noises and hisses, so it is not suitable for professional use.

ElePods S: is it worth it?

So … if you are looking for a beautiful and inexpensive earphone, it may be a good option.

ElePods S has a very beautiful design, and has great protection against water.

If you don’t belong to the group of people who like soft music, the sound quality may appeal to you. However, it is very uncomfortable for high volumes, as the tones burst.

Therefore, depending on your musical style, the quality is acceptable.

If your intention is to buy a earphone to play, but without investing an exorbitant amount, I believe that ElePods S is a good cost-benefit.

It has a relatively good autonomy, has not delayed even on a very basic smartphone, and the microphone is audible.

However, if you are looking for a earphone for videoconferencing or video lessons, will not indicate the earphone.

So, this may be a good and cheap earphone, but it will depend on how demanding you are.

Where to buy?

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