Edifier W820NB: Review!

Edifier W820NB: Review!

And present to you Edifier’s newest hybrid noise canceling headset, the incredible W820NB!

This Gamer headset promises a highly immersive music experience featuring 2 ANC modes and a giant battery.

Plus, it carries a stable Bluetooth and even promises a crystal clear microphone. Will be?

Find out if this is true in our full review!

Edifier W820NB: design, construction and battery

The W820NB is a big headset, but it has a design that makes it easy to carry.

Its adjustable straps feature two large padded earpads that fold inside.

On the side of the earpads we have a control system that brings a POWER button, + and – volume buttons, and even a multifunction button.

This multifunctional button is responsible for accessing ANC modes, in addition to activating Gamer mode.

As a bonus, the strap of this headset has an extra protection on top, which guarantees a lot of comfort during prolonged use.

All this construction has a great matte finish that avoids scratches and fingerprints.

Finally, the W820NB charges a monster battery of 49 hours of continuous playing music!

This autonomy is achieved with the ANC modes off, but if they are on, it also reaches the optimum 29 hour mark.

Edifier W820NB: how to pair with smartphone?

As soon as we press the POWER button, the W820NB is already available for pairing in the Bluetooth list. So, just confirm the connection!

Edifier W820NB: application

Edifier delivers us a very intuitive application that is compatible with W820NB, Edifier Connect.

In it, we can select the ANC modes in a much more practical way, in addition to activating the Gamer mode, controlling the songs and even checking battery information.

Edifier W820NB: functions

Top volume button

– 1 tap: + volume
– press 2 seconds: skip music

Lower volume button

– 1 tap: – volume
– press 2 seconds: go back to music

POWER button

– press 3 seconds: on/off
– 1 tap: pause/unpause
– 2 taps: virtual assistant

POWER button during call:

– 1 tap: answer/end
– 2 taps: ignore

Multi-Function Button

– 1 tap: ANC mode
– 2 taps: Gamer mode
– press 2 seconds: pairing mode

Edifier W820NB: comfort

Despite being a headset with a good opening, the W820NB is not as malleable as the previous model (W820BT), so it may not be ideal for those with a larger or more sensitive head.

During our test, it proved to be quite comfortable during prolonged use, proving that its pads are of superior quality.

Edifier W820NB: Noise Canceling Modes (ANC)

Edifier guarantees a great music experience bringing two ANC modes, “Noise Reduction” and “Ambient Sound”.

Noise Reduction is an effective cancellation mode that was created to generate an immersive sound experience as it cancels out all external sounds.

This is the perfect mode to enjoy our music when we are in a safe environment.

Once activated, all noise in the room disappeared, as well as the sound of the ceiling fan!

The “Ambient Sound” was designed to generate a safer experience, as it amplifies external sounds without spoiling the sound quality.

So, this is the ideal mode for when we are on the street and want to listen to music without it camouflaging important sounds, such as car horns.

When activated, all sounds were amplified, including my voice, but the music didn’t lose quality.

Edifier W820NB: audio test, microphone test and delay test

In the audio test, the W820NB delivered great sound quality with very well-defined tones.

It’s a great stereo effect that delivers super balanced bass, mids and highs.

Despite not being a very high volume level, the bass is present and able to please all audiences, regardless of musical style!

And now it’s time to test this Gamer headset in a delay test!

To make the most of this headset, we tested an FPS game on an entry-level smartphone. As a result, we noticed an extremely subtle delay when making a sequence of shots.

This might not seem like a good result, but it actually is, as an entry-level smartphone has much simpler hardware and tends to have large delays.

So if you have a mid-range smartphone or a good set of Bluetooth and computer hardware, this headset won’t have any delays!

Finally, we tested the crystal-clear quality of the W820NB’s microphone and, although it’s not that perfect, it’s really good audio quality!

This microphone delivers audio with a good volume level, zero muffling and low interference, which makes a good headset for gaming and video conferencing.

Edifier W820NB: is it worth it?


The Edifier W820NB has a beautiful, comfortable and functional design that brings many functions.

In addition, it features a giant battery, two immersive ANC modes and excellent sound quality.

And for Gamers on duty, this headset features a stable Bluetooth that delivers a delay-free experience for those with good hardware, as well as a very audible microphone.

Anyway, this is a complete headset!

Where to buy?

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