The Edifier TWS1 Pro Review!

The Edifier TWS1 Pro Review!

And it’s time to meet one of the most stylish earphones of the year, the Edifier TWS1 Pro!

In addition to beauty, the TWS1 Pro promises immersive sound quality, zero delay and good microphones. Will be?

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Edifier TWS1 Pro: design, construction and battery

We couldn’t start this analysis any other way than with this beautiful design.

The TWS1 Pro has a great matte finish that guarantees less scratches and marks, as well as a very elegant ivory color.

In addition, both the earphones and the charging base bring the logo in a different color, a kind of burnt yellow.

This base is relatively small and features a USB Type-C port for faster and more efficient charging.

On the other hand, the TWS1 Pro earphones are bean shaped in a slightly “chubby” construction.
After all, it takes a lot of space to deliver 12 hours of music playback autonomy (average volume).

This stylish rubber earpiece features ip65 protection against dust, sweat and jets of water.

Edifier TWS1 Pro: how to pair with smartphone?

The TWS1 Pro has simultaneous transmission, that is, it is possible to use one earphone independently of the other.

So, just remove the earphones from the base they connect and are available in the Bluetooth list.

Look, during our tests, we discovered a peculiarity of this model: it doesn’t pair with different devices without being reset.

So, if you’ve already paired with a smartphone and want to switch devices, you need to press both earphones simultaneously for 8 seconds.

Then they reset and can be paired with a new device.

Edifier TWS1 Pro: Functions

Default Functions

– 1 tap: pause/unpause
– 2 right taps: skip music
– 2 left taps: back music
– press 1.5 right: + volume
– press 1.5 left: – volume

During a call:

– 1 tap: answer
– press 1.5 seconds: hang up

Edifier TWS1 Pro: Fix Test

We opened our tests with a big concern: will this earphone fall out?

Earpieces with such a large design sometimes fall out during our test and are also uncomfortable.

Fortunately, that’s not what happened here!

The TWS1 Pro proved to have a great hold, but without disturbing the ears.
Therefore, this earphone can be used during moderate exercise and for a long period of time.

Edifier TWS1 Pro: Audio Test, Delay Test and Microphone Test

Before talking about sound quality, we need to mention that this earphone has Codec aptX.
In other words, if your smartphone is compatible, it will deliver sound quality closer to studios.

In our audio test, the TWS1 Pro delivered very rich and highly immersive sound quality.

It achieves an excellent stereo effect where all tones are very well defined and bass is very powerful.

Plus, the TWS1 Pro has a well-balanced volume level. Although it’s not very loud, it guarantees immersion and doesn’t overflow the tones!

In the delay test, we put Qualcomm’s Bluetooth 5.2 to the test and were surprised by the TWS1 Pro!

Even though testing pretty heavy games on an entry-level smartphone, it delivered a super-synchronized sound feedback with zero delay.

So, regardless of your smartphone type, this is a great gamer partner!

To finish our review, we ran the long-awaited microphone test.

And once again, the TWS1 Pro has proven its excellent quality by delivering audio with a great volume level and very little hiss.

So, we are happy to recommend this earphone for games, calls and videoconferences!

Edifier TWS1 Pro: is it worth it?

Beauty, strength, comfort and quality. Those are the words that describe the TWS1 Pro!

This elegant earpiece delivers impeccable sound quality and features crystal clear microphones.

Also, the TWS1 Pro proved a great Gamer earphone when running Call of Duty smooth on an entry-level smartphone.

Anyway, now Edifier has surpassed itself!

Where to buy?

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