The Blitzwolf BW-FPE1: Review!

The Blitzwolf BW-FPE1: Review!

No, you are not having Déjà vu! Apparently the BW-FPE1 is the twin brother of the Syllable S8!

But are the similarities just in appearance?
Discover the truth in our full review:

Blitzwolf BW-FPE1: design, construction and battery

We will open this analysis talking about this construction practically identical to that of the S8.

The BW-FPE1 features a charging base with a super slim design, which makes it very easy to transport.

Plus, it also features a USB Type-C port for faster charging, plus a durable matte finish.

The BW-FPE1 earphones are equally compact and feature a semi-in-ear construction.
This construction pleases many people, but tends to offer less powerful bass.

And despite having an extremely small body, the BW-FPE1 delivers 4 hours of continuous music playback.

Finally, it offers ipx4 protection against splashing water and sweat.

Blitzwolf BW-FPE1: how to pair with smartphone?

The BW-FPE1 has an automatic simultaneous connection. So, just remove the earphones from the base and they are already available in the Bluetooth list.

Oh, this connection allows you to use just one of the earphones if you like!

Blitzwolf BW-FPE1: functions

Despite being very compact, the BW-FPE1 brings many functions, including + and – volume. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a Gamer mode either.

Default functions:

– 1 right tap: + volume
– 1 left tap: – volume
– 2 taps: pause/unpause
– press right 1.5s: skip music
– press left 1.5s: back music
– 3 taps: virtual assistant

During a call:

– 2 taps: answer/end
– press 1.5 seconds: ignore

Blitzwolf BW-FPE1: fixation

Just like its twin brother, the BW-FPE1 blew us away in our fixation test!

The earphones remained extremely fixed during the most abrupt movements, despite not having a construction very directed to the ear canal.

Furthermore, it turned out to be a super comfortable earphone to wear in the long run.

BW-FPE1: audio test, microphone test and delay test

Once again the BW-FPE1 showed its great resemblance to the Syllable S8. After all, both earphones deliver “Flat” sound quality.

Despite having very well defined tones, none of them stand out over the other. Therefore, this earphone delivers a super balanced sound quality.

So, we can distinguish the bass, mids and trebles, but they are fully in tune.

And in addition to being a “Flat” sound, the BW-FPE1 has an average volume level, which probably won’t please those who like loud music.

In delay testing the BW-FPE1 showed a subtle delay, but it is quite evident during the shooting sequences.

Remember that this test is done with FPS games on entry-level smartphones.

Fortunately, this delay isn’t noticed during the movies and probably won’t happen on more advanced smartphones.

Finally, the BW-FPE1 fared better than its “rival” during our microphone test!

This microphone has a good volume level, little noise and virtually no hiss. So it is a good microphone for calls and can even be used for games or video calls.

Blitzwolf BW-FPE1: is it worth it?

The Blitzwolf BW-FPE1 is a simple but very functional earphone!

It seems that this Flat design is the bet of the moment.

In addition to being very practical to carry, the BW-FPE1 delivers great sound quality for those who like calmer music.

It also delivers an average range of autonomy, which is surprising for its size.

And despite not having a Gamer mode, the BW-FPE1 can be a good option if you have an advanced smartphone.

Finally, while not perfect for video conferencing, this isn’t the worst microphone we’ve ever seen!

Where to buy?

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